Sunday, September 25, 2011

You Completed the Caption

These happy travellers have been up to lots of mischief!

Mindset: "No! It's my turn to be the HO. You have to be the BO this time!"

Tex: Quit worrying! I'm sure the engineer will notice our red flag in time to stop.

Kingspan: I told you if we ran away from home to avoid a spanking we should put our pants back ON and take our high heels OFF. But nooo - we had to do things your way!

Velvet: Yes I AM sure we are on the right track...

Simon: The remake of The Railway Children was proceeding well.


Are you sure this is the way all trainspotters dress?

Ronnie: "If you hadn't spent our hotel money on that silly bandana we wouldn't have had to make a run for it dressed like this."

Daisychain: The girls were so, so drunk, that when the officer told them to try and walk in a straight line, they decided to use the railway line to help...but they should have taken their high heels off first!

Six of the Best: Hermione says to Bonnie, "Are we on the right 'tracks', for some 'whacks', from our hubbies?

Bonnie: "Did he said he wanted to put our butts on some tracks or put some tracks on our butts?"

Vfrat25000: Butch Cassidy and Jesse James found an entirely new way to rob trains but at the end of the day the thongs left a terrible rash and the shoes a few nasty blisters.

Megan and Paula finally realized after several hours, they must have the wrong location for the National Limbo Finals.

The Santa Fe Railroad finally caved in to the Employee Union’s demand for upgraded railroad track inspection procedures.

After an intensive investigative report by KOFO news it was determined that the security personnel for the railroads differed somewhat from that of the airlines.

Boxcar Wilma and Freight Train Freda finally gather the courage to leave their jobs as Heart Surgeons and pursue their dream to become country singers in Nashville.

Annie Lou, are you absolutely positive this is the location for the America’s Got Talent tryouts?

Why do I hear a train whistle?

Responding directly from a Retirement Party for Captain Smith the Bugtussle Bomb Disposal Team carefully removes a suspicious package from the local train station.

Vfrat, you outdid yourself this time!

Richardmt: Oh yeah, sure! "The next train's going to stop," you said.

Prefectdt: "Back in the 1920's, all we had to do was not pay the rent and refuse to get married and a nice gent with a mustache and a black top hat would have done the deed for us. Now we have to tie ourselves to the track and wait for a hero to turn up."

Sarah Thorne: Oh my!! I guess that's one way to hitchhike! (That's not a caption, just an observation!!)

Stormy: "Lets get out of here, and take the cane too!"

Hermione: Motorists at the railway crossing were astonished to see not one but two cute cabooses following the 12:15 train.

Thanks for sending summer on its way with a smile! See you all next week.

From Hermione's Heart

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