Thursday, September 25, 2014

Complete the Caption

This cheeky lass looks guilty, and knows she's in trouble. Why do you suppose that might be?

Complete the caption by leaving a comment and I will print your captions in an upcoming post.

From Hermione's Heart


SweetPea said...

What do you mean my uniform isn't up to regulation standards?

Mitch Philbin said...

You want me to shower and be soaking wet when you paddle me? Why? I never heard of that.

sixofthebest said...

"Bowl me over" she said. "After they take my sexy knickers down, they propose to give me 'six of the best' with a cane, on my bare bottom, for being very naughty".

sub hub in phx said...

In position Mistress, but what are you going to do with that?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I burnt diner. Please spank me for it.

ronnie said...

You call this skirt short - you should see my other one.


sugarsweethoney21 said...

"What's that? You can't find your keys? Why, I have absolutely no idea where they could be!"


Gracie Malling said...

' it too late to say sorry for flushing your iphone down the toilet...?'

Vfrat25000 said...

It jumped out when I saw this photo:
“I can’t believe I ate the WHOLE thing!

Mom, it’s horrible, just horrible!!!!
What is it dear?
I just saw Uncle Henry naked!
Jayne, be prepared for a few sleepless nights and a moderate increase in alcohol consumption but in time it will pass.

I have a Law Degree from Harvard, I’m a CEO of a multi-national corporation and I sit on the board of five other corporations. How the h*ll did I end up dressed like Paris Hilton with a nuclear grade hangover and I have a taste in my mouth resembling a 180 Proof Purple Passion Bathtub Concoction. Not to mention the fact I’m wearing the most hideously ugly, heavy shoes I have ever seen and I have 15 thank you notes from the Delta Ki Alpha Fraternity written on my ass?

Don’t bother with the lecture Dad, just go get the paddle. I know I deserve it this time!

Sweetie that must have been some bachelorette party last night, Homeland Security is at the front door to speak with you. They have questions about you, the air traffic controllers in the Atlanta Airport Control Tower and the song “Cotton Eyed Joe.”

ricky said...

Oooh, excuse me, I think I'm in the wrong bathroom.

Jimisim said...

Perhaps putting cling film over the bowl wasn't such a good idea after all, he made me clean it up and is now fetching his belt. Mind you it was very funny at the time and as long as he makes love to me afterwards it will be well worth while.

Terri said...

When the 'baby' of the group acted up THIS seriously, there was no way she was avoiding getting that ultra-cute bottom of hers thoroughly wrapped with a hairbrush. Then again, according to their manager, the athletic one, the frightening one, the redhead and the upper-class one were also in the firing line for not keeping the infant out of trouble, and would be liable later for their own misdeeds as well.

(Apologies to fans of that particular British musical act!...and to the act themselves)