Sunday, September 21, 2014

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #38

This weekend heralds the arrival of fall, and with it comes a time for introspection. We are revisiting a topic that Bonnie introduced some time ago, then Ronnie wrote about it just this week.

Do you have a spanking bucket list? Will you share some of the items that are on it? Are there any that you have been able to cross off?

Leave your reply as a comment and I will publish a summary of our discussion once everyone has had a chance to find their lists and check them twice. Everyone is welcome to contribute, so if you haven't joined in a brunch conversation before, now's your chance.

From Hermione's Heart


sub hub in phx said...

I have a spanking bucket list, like i'm sure everyone involved in spanking does. Mine is to be summoned to a punishment by my Mistress K., and in the room are other would-be Dominant wives seeking to implment a FLM of their own. I am wearing a chastity cage aunder my clothes and am ordered to strip naked to prepare for my punishment. Mistress is not happy with me and lets her "students" know that this is the punishment kind of spanking and not the sexy foreplay kind. My usual instinct is to get an erection but the thought of what is about to happen to me prevents what the cage wouldve otherwise prevent on it's own. I am naked, standing in the middle of the room and told to put my hands on my head and not to move while receiving my spanking.

I don't know if i'll get to put a check mark next to that or not.

Simon said...

I have never had a bucket list as such indeed I don't think it was a term I'd even heard used in the UK until relatively recently. I did have a number of spanking wishes and desires and I have been lucky enough to have satisfied the majority. So I have been spanked by a number of ladies at the same time, I have been punished in front of a large audience (at a spanking party) and been caned by two highly skilled ladies (one left handed and one right)at the same time. I suppose my main wish years ago was to find the perfect Mistress for me and I was lucky enough to do so 15 years ago. With her help I have achieved all my spanking desires so now if we do anything new it will be a surprise to me and who knows if I will enjoy it.

sixofthebest said...

On my 'spanking bucket' list I would love to spank ALL my 'SUBMISSIVE FEMALE BLOGGERS' which would include HERMIONE, ERICA, and BONNIE on their bare voluptuous bare bottoms, etc. One can always dream such a wonderful dream. For I sure would be in heaven.

Baxter said...

I guess my bucket list would be limited to being spanked by two women at the same time and those two would be my wife and her sister. Another bucket item is that I fantasize about being spanked by certain female coworkers OR spanking them.

mostly mouse said...

While mouse has seen the bucket list thing going around many of the blogs she follows, it's never occurred to her to have one. Omega has given much more than mouse ever believed possible. He's honed the rough edges, and maybe she's done the same to him as well.

Can't even begin to think or consider what more there could be. Interesting topic to be sure.


Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

I don't know whether I would describe these as a real "bucket list," because I don't know whether I really would want to do them if the chance did arise, versus just leaving them as "what ifs." With that caveat, a few would be:

-- Being spanked to tears
-- Being spanked outside on a hiking trail where someone might see
-- Receiving a disciplinary spanking at the place where I work
-- Receiving a disciplinary spanking from another man. (That one is definitely more of a "what if" than a "I would really like to try . . ."

Dragon's Rose said...

I have a vanilla and a kinky bucket list. I am working on both.
*An outdoor spanking is at the top of my list.
*A punishment with a observer or two.
*Getting close to another did couple. So close that he has punishment privileges.

Sir Wendel Jones said...

Only one wish on the list:
To get paddled while another woman watches.

Anonymous said...

I never thought of it as a spanking bucket list. Some of them have been crossed off. I've been spanked in every room of the house. I've been spanked outside by the pool and I've been spanked by the sea shore at night. And lets not forget the spanking in the woods. What is left is having someone watching me get spanked then being allowed to spank me too.

ronnie said...

You know mine. Simple outdoor spanking in the woods and on a deserted beach. Though I'm sure I'll be adding more.

Thanks for the mention.


Anonymous said...

Top of the list - there was once a photo in Playboy of Kim Kardashan, lying face down and bare, with her amazing white bottom arched upwards just waiting for me to spank it to tomato redness. Having achieved that one, which I never will, I would want to work my way through the 'Rear of the Year' winners' bottoms - Carol Vorderman, Fiona Bruce etc. A celeb bottom must be the ultimate but unattainable target ?

Dr. Ken said...

Top of the list would be to get into a relationship with a lady who is as much of a spanko as I am.

Next would be the chance to spank some of the wonderful spanking models that are out there--Amber "Pixie" Wells, for example, or Sarah Gregory, or Nyssa Nevers...the list goes on and on.

Anonymous said...

Can we have a place for the Spanko Brunch 3.0 that has only women who want men to spank them? I find all of these men who want a woman (or more than one woman!) to spank to be just too "off-topic". The dynamic is so different. Also, years ago the Spanko Brunches were 99% women spanked by men, but now seem to be about 50% men spanked. The dynamic here has changed. I'm sure the replies to this request will be that we should be "inclusive" and that "It's all spanking", but I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling like the relationship dynamics are simply not the same.

Anonymous said...

I don't even want to contribute my response to the Brunch question because it will be posted alongside posts by men who want to be spanked. To me (and probably many other anonymous lurkers), it is just not the same thing.

Katie said...

I've never given having a spanking bucket list a thought, Hermione! I saw Ronnie's post the other day and enjoyed reading hers. I will have to think about it. Many hugs,

<3 Katie

Autumn said...

The spanko, exhibitionist side of me wants to go to one of these spanking parties people talk about (i.e. Shadow Lane, Crimson Moon).

The DD side of me wants to meet up with other DD couples, though that probably wouldn't include any spanking--just fun and conversation!