Monday, September 1, 2014

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for August 31

This week we discussed the purpose of your spankings, and as usual, the responses covered a wide range of reasons.

Six of the best: I love spanking a woman because of sexual and erotic enjoyment, plus on occasion, for disciplining.

Abby: Yes, yes,yes and yes. Oh...for whatever reason He can make up...or for no reason at all.....

Minelle: Mine are a bit of attitude adjustment for me and erotic enjoyment for both of us.

Leigh: Erotic enjoyment mostly, but sometimes stress relief but not mine - never discipline.

Downunder Don: Always for erotic pleasure...spanking is the best foreplay !!!

Dan: Always for discipline, though that may give her more than a little erotic pleasure.

DelFonte: Erotic pleasure, some stress relief too. Never for discipline, though he does like to concoct excuses, I'm not truly held accountable by spanking.

Callie: Discipline and punishment here.

Roz: Our spankings used to be for punishment, role affirmation and erotic. Now mainly erotic.

*Bonnie*: He spanks me for erotic enjoyment, stress relief, attitude adjustment, because we have the house to ourselves but rarely discipline.

Autumn: All of the above!

Enzo: Check, check, and check...all of the above!

Spanking her for stress relief and sometimes spanking her for as my stress relief.

Pecan Nutjob: All of the above! It's like a continuum from sexual foreplay to "I'm nervous and I need a spanking" to "you are difficult today you need a spanking" to "you've done stupid really bad and you'll be spanked for it".

Arched one: I'm with most of the rest. Sexual, erotic and because she just enjoys spanking me. She can and has given me punishment but not often.

P.S. I might add I love being spanked.

S: Erotic only. My smarting throbbing bottom, from a sound spanking, leaves me highly aroused, and as well the submissive positions I have to adopt for it make it excitingly clear that D is in control, and also leave me well posed for the good seeing-to I get on completion. Even more exciting is being tied in place, which leaves all my rear end nicely offered for whatever he has in mind for i.

Dr. Ken: Yes, or, if you prefer, all of the above. I think the majority of spankings I dish out, though, are of the "stress relief" kind. Spanking someone certainly relieves MY stress...

Baxter: My spankings are because I want to be spanked. I have been a spanko for over 40 years and have looked at pictures and read stories and always greatly aroused. It took me many years of marriage to convince my wife to spank me and now she enjoys doing it and really packs a wallop and the residual pain afterwards is what I enjoy as well as the pain during the actual spanking.

Bogey: Erotic enjoyment

Bonnie: We spank for lots of good reasons including stress relief, recreation, motivation, foreplay, reconnection, role play, and various combinations of these. Other times, we spank because Randy wants to spank me, because he thinks I need it, because he has a new toy, or for no reason at all.

We don't do punishment, but I find traditional corporal punishment scenarios to be a huge turn on.

In the end, the precise why isn't as important as the fact that our spankings happen. In conjunction with the lovemaking that follows, they restore the bond between us and reconfirm our roles within our relationship.

Loki Darksong: Between my wife and myself, our spankings run the full spectrum with punishment type being very few and far between. Of late though the focus has been on stress relief. Both of us have been under increased strain of late and a good hard spanking does come in handy.

With others the range excludes any form of eroticism. Strictly within the range of stress relief, discipline, exploration and punishment.

Nina: Before my pregnancy we used spanking for all of these reasons and once we can start again, they'll surely (hopefully) all be back.

Ronnie: Yes, yes and yes and for whatever reason P decides.

Ricky: Erotic, but with no sex. That is reserved for lovers. As it should be.

Terpsichore: For joy, pleasure, flirtatious fun, foreplay, sensuality, and sexuality... or no reason at all, I welcome it. While we do not practice discipline I find my own imagination wandering to stories involving corporal punishment. And there is many a time I feel I could benefit from a spanking to relieve stress; however we have not explored this much. For us it always ends in love making and connection.

Hermione: Our spankings are for fun, relaxation, and stress relief for both of us. They are always erotic for me as well. We don't do them for punishment, because, as Ron says, what would be the point? I enjoy them too much. Spankings are a reward. The idea of as spanking as punishment is always a big turn-on for me in stories, so I sometimes use my imagination to turn a recreational spanking into punishment for some real transgression.

Thank you all for visiting this week.

From Hermione's Heart


ricky said...

Me too, Hermione.
(And just luv your allusion to
Blueberry Hill!)

Hermione said...

Ricky - I assure you it was unintentional.


kiwigirliegirl said...

My sir spanks me for discipline. He always wants sex afterwards. Its a big turn on for him, so the sex is for his benefit and not mine, part of the discipline.