Sunday, September 28, 2014

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #39

Once again, the weekend is here, and that means another spanko brunch. Spanking is such complex activity, causing many thoughts and emotions run through our heads before, during and after the event.

Have you ever felt embarrassed during a spanking? 

Leave your reply as a comment, and after everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish a summary of the responses o this topic.

From Hermione's Heart


Simon said...

Years ago before I realised that I wanted to be spanked rather than spank, I spanked an number of lovely young ladies but would get embarrassed every time. I would worry that I was hitting them too hard and then worry that I wasn't hitting them hard enough. Was this what they wanted or was it a terrible imposition on my part. All of this would lead to some pathetic sessions which neither I or the lady in question would enjoy. Although they were all very understanding I would become red faced and almost unable to speak such was my embarrassment. These days though I and my Mistress are in perfect harmony so I don't become embarrassed.

Anonymous said...

We were on a cruise to Hawaii a few years ago with our best friends. At lunch one day I drank too much so back in the stateroom my wife spanked me with my belt. In the room i knelt ass in the air and took my own belt from wife till i was stifling sobs.
That night at dinner the husband of the couple we were travelling with whispered to me that perhaps I should check to make sure the sliding door to our stateroom terrace was closed. I blushed he smiled .


sixofthebest said...

Hermione. Love that picture of a mouth watering Hot Dog. I would love to take a bite out of it. As for embarrassment. I have never really been in such a situation, for when I have spanked a woman, they all turned out to be 'spanking good times.

sub hub in phx said...

I was embarrassed the very first time I receive a true punishment spanking. Ritualistically, I was required to strip naked and present myself for punishment. even though it was something I wanted in my marriage, and even though my wife had agreed to accept my submission in our marriage, I was still embarrassed.

Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

Only once during a spanking. Like Sub Hub, the first time she spanked me was very embarrassing. Taking my pants down in front of her for a spanking seemed much more humbling somehow than doing the same prior to sex.

There have been other times that I've been embarrassed about something related to spanking. The first time I shopped for a heavy spanking hairbrush, I was convinced the woman behind the sales counter knew why I was buying it. I also bought a paddle at a sex shop and the sales person asked whether I would be giving or receiving. I turned crimson. The very worst was when my wife talked to a mutual friend about our spanking relationship while they were attending an event together. My wife called from the car when they were driving home to tell me I was going to be spanked that night, and our friend was in the car overhearing the whole thing. Mortifying.

Minelle Labraun said...

Sometimes when he threatens in a more public place... Usually when I've done something in a public way myself! Also at times I wonder how I look in that position... He loves how I look, but sometimes I'm embarrassed.

Dr. Ken said...

No, I never have. Then again, I'm a spanker, not a spankee--I think there's less of a chance of my being the one who's embarrassed....

Anonymous said...

Is it brunch time again already?
I have to say every punishment spanking I get is embarrassing. I don't get that many but they always start the same. She is sitting on a chair with a wooden spoon in her hand. I'm standing before her nude as she scolds me. I'm embarrassed and feel like a little boy that was caught with his hand in the cooking jar. Then It's across her lap I go as she scolds more and spanks me. Then it's get up and head for the bed room where I'm again scolded and told how red my bottom is and then either over some pillows or bent over the end of the bed for more spanking this time with the hair brush, strop, belt. All the time I'm kicking and hollering she's still scolding me.

Anonymous said...

Once at a party, I met a man called Nigel, and we somehow got on to the spanking topic, and he said he had never spanked anyone. With several drinks inside me, I said 'Now's your chance', and led him into an empty room, sat him down, bared my bottom, and bent over his lap. For a novice he spanked well, and I was soon smarting roundly, when the door opened and D came in,Was I embarrassed - I don't know which of my four cheeks were redder. Nigel put me on my feet and fled, and I was soon bare bottom up over D's lap, but this time I got spanked with a large wooden clothes brush, which left me unhappy to sit for some time to come ! S.

Pecan nutjob said...

We have always tried to be discreet with respect to our neighbors, family, friends, etc. Yet, there have been times when we feared that somebody overheard our spanking. For instance, we once had just started playing in a hotel room and then we heard a TV and voices next door and realized the walls were really poorly insulated.

We've bought stuff in sex shops but curiously did not feel embarrassed - I mean, if you work as a cashier there you should not feel squeamish about selling a butt plug. It can be more embarrassing to go to a drugstore or pharmacy, e.g. to buy a rectal thermometer, enema gear (my wife once remarked in front of the cashier that I would get my treatment immediately once back to the hotel!), or suppositories (these used to be common in France for treating young children, but buying the adult kind sometimes surprises the pharmacist).

Of course, the most embarrassing episode in a store was when my wife asked me to buy a martinet (a flogger) from some kind of supermarket. They sold them in the pet aisle, supposedly for disciplining dogs. When seeing it, the cashier gave me a surprised glanced and said something like "excuse me... we don't sell that many of them" then remarked "somebody's going to feel some pain". I was red with embarrassment and answered something rather unconvincing about an unruly dog. I wonder whether she thought I would be using it on a child, on a companion or I would be the recipient.

Apart from that... embarrassment is one of the ingredients of our spankings. If the spanking is punishment for bad behavior, then surely the spankee should feel embarrassed, shouldn't he or she? So this is why we scold. We may also apply embarrassing treatments, like checking the temperature rectally (in case the acting up is due to illness!) or an enema (flushing out the nervosity). If the spanking is for erotic play, then one can embarrass the spankee by remarking that he is erect or that she is most or has en engorged clitoris. Even after all those years, my wife blushes when a probing finger notices her wetness. Isn't it shameful to get excited by a spanking?

Baxter said...

Probably I was somewhat embarrassed when I starting asking my wife, many years ago, to spank me and then maybe the first time she actually did. Like many others have written, a simple wooden spoon in a shopping basket can be embarassing. We bought one at a hardware store and it was not really congruous with the rest of the stuff in the basket, such as seeds, duct tape, mousetraps, but it was checked out without issue and no facial changes on th checkout person. However, my wife knew she was going to put it to work when we got home and I knew that my bottom was going to be severely reddened by it, but no one else knew. we were in a Sur La Table store recently and I saw lots of breadboards and wooden cooking tools. Of course, I was thinking spanking and was self conscious stealing looks at them. why? I don't know because as far as anyone else in the store would know, I was looking for those items to be used for their original designed purpose. I was getting excited (read aroused) looking at them though.

Pecan nutjob said...

Baxter, me too! I cannot help thinking of spanking if I see a wooden brush (these are not so common these days, more often one sees plastic), or one of these cutting boards that can be used as a paddle... And sometimes, when seeing furniture, I think it could be nifty to bend or kneel somebody over it. I expect nobody notices, except my wife.

Surely the strongest embarassment I had in my adult life was when I was about 18, buying condoms. I looked younger than I was and the female pharmacist, though she sold them to me and did not make any adverse remark, was very cool and looked at me as though I should not be sleeping around at my age.

Dragon's Rose said...

Oh wow. So MANY emotions.
Before- fear, shame, nervous, excited, aroused. Sometimes all at the same time.
During-excitement, shame, fear, remorse, anger, embarrassment, arrousal, euphoria
After- forgiveness, relief, relaxed, euphoria, shame, giggly, tears, sexy and most of all LOVED.

It isn't ever simple. That is why we ALWAYS have safe words.

Ni Na said...

Hi Hermione, we have had spankings outside and they made me pretty self-aware and I found that embarrassing too.... and hot afterwards.
At other times it has always been more than enough when hubby threatened a spanking in a public environment. I don't want others to know about our spankings, so I am already embarrassed just from him speaking about it outside home.



Pecan nutjob said...

It's not really "during a spanking" but I've blushed when my wife pats me on the butt with an air "this is mine". She never does so when people could see her, but still that's something that I feel dearly.