Saturday, September 6, 2014

You Completed the Caption

This fearsome teacher was no match for our star pupils.

Six of the best: "Headmaster, how dare you suggest that you wish to take my knickers down, and be caned on my bare bottom. After serving this school loyally for 30 years. How dare you!"

Nina: Headmaster, why did it take you 30 years to take my knickers down to cane me on my bare bottom.
Have I not served this school loyally for 30 years and brought a new ruler to you every week as a clue?!

(sixofthebest's idea was such a good template for more that I couldn't resist!)

Leigh: I think someone used the ugly stick on her.

Belmont Stephen: Hold out your hand, palm upwards. You're getting six on each. If at any point you withdraw your hand, the penalty will be a severe bare bottom strapping followed by a repeat of the palm punishment, starting from the beginning.

Ronnie: Yes it is a long ruler and yes I am going to use it, now bend Smith.

Vfrat25000: I just sat in something squishy…Heads will roll!

This is the Physics 503: Maximizing the Amount of Beer Stored in a 20 Gallon Tote Chest. This class was especially designed for our seniors in the Football and Basketball Program. I was assigned this class after a few too many Tequila Shooters and a rousing game of Strip Badminton with the Dean of Education. What did you expect, a Victoria Secret Model?

This is a sex education class, who wrote all that math crap on the board?

First Lesson for my class!
1) Green Ruler=Red Ass
Remember that!

I haven’t had a date in 10 years, I haven’t had sex in 20 years, and I would love to be spanked but fat chance of that. I hate kids. I hate modern education, I have both hemorrhoids and a hangover and I especially hate those energetic, overachieving little snots that ask so many questions. NOW...WELCOME to MY CLASS!

DelFonte: You say 30 centimetres, I say a foot, when it lands on your butt, it won't make any difference.

Sir Wendel: Class, you’ve seen the equations for a proper spanking. Now let’s test the theory.

Anon: And (maybe this is sad) this picture proves the point that I find any women who is holding a spanking implement sexy.

Sadie: "You will pay mightily for this. Now bend over!"

Welcome, Sadie!

Dr. Ken: "...and then, after they beamed me aboard their spaceship, they probed me with something about this color, and it was about soooo long..."

A. Lurker:


Ms Demeanor Revisited

We first met the renowned Ms Demeanor in May of 2012 when Gladys Kravitz reported her to the Ministry of Education.

After the nosey Mrs Kravitz reported her, our Ms Demeanor was persona non grata in the teaching profession so she had to turn to other careers. She tried her hand as a French maid but got too tied up in her work.

Secretary appealed to her until she discovered there was no end to the work.
At last she settled on a career in corrections and was assigned to the FBI’s Word Crimes Division.
Ms Demeanor took her work seriously, holding the highest arrest record on the force. She even starred in the award winning TV series, Criminal Mindless, but luck was not on her side. When YOLO was officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary, the government realized it was fighting a losing battle and cut funding to the FBI’s Word Crimes Division. The TV series as also cancelled because people “could care less” and stopped watching.
When life seemed its darkest, Ms Demeanor met the illustrious Sir DJ Black (Voice in the Corner) who recommended the Sinclair Method, a school dedicated to grooming recalcitrant young women and transforming them into strict disciplinarians. It was a rigorous program that paid off well. Upon graduation, Ms Demeanor quickly secured a position teaching advanced mathematics at Michael Thorn’s Reform School for Young Ladies where she earned a reputation as a strict, no-nonsense disciplinarian.

Thanks, A.L., for that excellent contribution. Go to the head of the class!

Ricky: Yes ma'am, I finally got it: E=mc2

Hermione: Which do you want me to paddle you with - this ruler or my bionic finger?

For another challenge, please join us for brunch, being served soon in the cafeteria.

From Hermione's Heart


A. Lurker said...

Thanks Hermione! My contribution looks great - you put it together nicely.

Hermione said...

A. Lurker - You did all the work!

So, when are you going to start blogging?