Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday FUN

Have you always wanted to be an artist, but lacked the necessary drawing skills? Here's how to draw butts of all shapes and sizes. It's so easy, even I can do it.

Don't forget to Complete the Caption.

From Hermione's Heart


sixofthebest said...

Yes, many an artist has drawn a woman's bare bottom. But, and I say BUTT. Give me the real thing. That wonderful, sexual, erotic, exciting female derriere.

Roz said...

LoL Hermoine, love it! You never know when you may want or need to draw a butt :)


Leigh Smith said...

Interesting - love learning things.
Thanks, it might come in handy.

Minelle Labraun said...

I will use this for my next drawing!! Lol
You can always learn new techniques, just make them your own!

ronnie said...


Yes I've always wanted to be an artist. Looks simple so will have to try it. Thanks.


Advizor54 said...

Too funny and very useful. I tweeted it out, i hope you don't mind.

Hermione said...

Six - The real thing is always the best.

Roz - How about on a public bathroom wall?

Leigh - It might be useful if you are carving pumpkins for Hallowe'en.

Minelle - True. I hope your efforts turn out well.

Ronnie - I loved to draw as a child, but stick figures only.

Advizor54 - Not at all.


Jon said...

First you color between the lines. My color of choice is Red but a little Purple / Blue-ish may be used for highlights.
Now, depending on your angle of attack -- I mean drawing -- a light Pink or Rose may be needed for the lower middle view.

Cat said...

Thanks for sharing learning new techniques...might use one of these on a painting in the future.

Hugs and Blessings...

Autumn said...

Haha, I've seen this video before, and it never gets old. Love it.

Hermione said...

Jon - A little colour brings out the best in bums.

Cat - I hope it turns out well.

Autumn - I'm so glad!