Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday FAIL

It's time to pay another visit to Wally World, home of the Walmartians.

He loves that store SOOO much!

A little overexposed, don't you think? (Yes, that's a skirt!)

A slip would be a good idea under that sheer dress - or is it a nightgown?

I sincerely hope those are pockets made to look like cutouts. Yup. That's what it must be. Please.

Overexposed and tasteless, all in one garment

For even more silliness, Complete the Caption.

From Hermione's Heart


Dragon's Rose said...

Hmmmm. The last one does look kinda fun. Right place, right time?

Roz said...

Wow at the skirt and the last one!


ronnie said...

I'd love a skirt like that for a joke.


Leigh Smith said...

The last one could be the new chastity belt. I still can't believe how people have the chutpah to appear in public in some of the things we see hear. It's amazing to me - don't they have friends to tell them how ridiculous they look. Guess not.

Anonymous said...

The last one isn't completely devoid of taste - she's wearing Louboutins!


Cat said...

Oh good gravy...I realize that everyone has different tastes but these are ridiculous! I agree with Sunny...these people must not have any honest friends! Thanks for sharing.

Hugs and Blessings...

Ni Na said...

I'd be completely embarrassed if I wore any of these outfits, but then again, if they like it, each to their own. They made me all smile and shake my head, so, thank you Hermione! :-)



Hermione said...

I agree with you all. I'd never have the nerve to wear these outfits. Give me good old jeans and a tee.


Baxter said...

It is simply amazing the clothes folks wear. There was a woman coworker of mine years ago who would wear a teddy to work and think it was fine. She did have a nice body but that was not the point. She distracted me and other guys all day long and the women in the office were disgusted.