Monday, September 8, 2014

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for September 7

What do my readers dislike about spanking?  Read on:

Dan: Hi Hermione. At the time it is happening, there is very little I DO like about it. I'm usually just hoping it stops soon.

Sir Wendel: Hmmm. Can't think of anything I dislike.

Autumn: I dislike the expectations it gives me. For example, if my husband gives me a particularly amazing spanking one day, and the next time it's not as good, I am a little disappointed. I wish I could just enjoy each one for what it is, rather than set my expectations every time.

Amber: Hmm. Had to think on this one! Only thing that came to me is - I dislike that they have to end. haha.

River: I dislike the fact that they have to hurt! Many years ago when we began our spanking/dd journey, the spankings really turned me on, even while they were happening. Now we rarely do erotic spanking, but sometimes the occasional warm-up is semi enjoyable :-) I love EVERYTHING else besides the physical pain.

Minelle: I always anticipate a spanking with excitement....but when its happening, I think I am crazy.
It hurts! LOL It is such a love hate thing!

Pecan Nutjob: What I dislike about spanking is how it is seen by most of the "vanillas" out there. Either they find it crazy, they assume it's full blast BDSM,  or they believe it is necessary in some D/s relation as in Fifty Shades (I've not read it but it seems from what I heard that the relation between the protagonists is "wrong" in many respects). No, I'm no latex fetishist, and I'm not into leather either, and we don't say "master" or "mistress" to each other. I just want to spank and get spanked "family style", a bit like a disobedient child would have been spanked 60 years ago.

Another thing (but that's largely a consequence of the first) is that we have to hide ourselves. Granted, people don't have vanilla sex in public either, but they can purchase condoms and lube openly at a drugstore or supermarket, and it's no big deal if the neighbors hear a little sex noise from time to time or if visitors see contraceptive pills in the bathroom cupboard. With spanking, one has to be more careful.

Arched one: Spanking is a love hate relationship. We have several implements that deliver a nice sting. What I hate is when she uses the hair brush. I don't know why but that darn thing really gets me hollering and kicking.

Anon: Spanking her spacious bottom makes my average size hand quite sore after a few dozen spanks!

Roz: It is such a love/hate relationship. It hurts, but I love the connection and how it makes me feel afterwards. Also, if it's a punishment, I hate the feeling that I have disappointed him.

DelFonte: Waiting for one. The longer the wait, the more it hurts until I toughened up again.

Baxter: I think the pain. Kind of a love/hate thing. My wife's technique is getting better, if you will, and the pain a bit more intense. But I don't want the spanking to end either. I want the spanking to continue even tho it can hurt a lot. I don't know how to explain it or maybe I just did. Hmmm.

Bonnie: Not one thing.

Sub hub: I truly don't like it when it is happening, especially now because Mistress has determined that the spankings need to be much longer and much more severe in order to curb bad behavior. That being said, I wouldn't trade being a spanked husband for anything!

One thing that I don't like about spanking being used as a punishment is that it can't often be given at a moment's notice because of the discretion that is required.

Love your blog as always my dear!

Ronnie: Can't think of anything I dislike about spanking.

Rollin: I also dislike the stigma attached to the enjoyment of spanking by adults. It's viewed either as a joke or "sick" by many who should know better, and this is by people who would never be so politically incorrect as to disrespect gay lifestyles.

Dr. Ken: The only thing I dislike is the fact that I don't have a regular partner and therefore don't get to spank often enough!

Hermione: There are some implements that I just hate, like the junior cane which made an appearance yesterday. They feel terrible at first, and I wonder why I ever wanted to be in the position to feel them. Then after a warmup I adjust, and they aren't so bad after all.

Thank you one and all, for sharing your thoughts.

From Hermione's Heart

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