Friday, October 16, 2009

Carved in Stone

Now that's a tribute to spanking! Someone must have taken my request for ideas for a Celebration of Spanking seriously and built a spanking bench -- complete with spanker -- for their town square. (No, I'm not the spankee.)

Does anyone recognize this statue or know where it's located?

From Hermione's Heart


Throck said...

That's cute. Hope you find out where that bronze is, and let us all know.

Aside: I think you must be a Newfie or an insomniac. You have always posted by six in the morning, EDT. I consider myself an early riser but I couldn't post anything at six. Do you have your blog on a timer, i.e. do you write it the night before and somehow time it to post about six? Not trying to pry, I just find it amazing that somebody gets up that early and blogs. (posted this about 7:15 EDT)

Anonymous said...

Hermione, once again you have a terrific picture. I guess I wonder if the woman had an audiene when she had the picture taken.

ronnie said...

LOL, you sure do find some great pics.

Sorry don't know where it's located.


Hermione said...

Throck - I'm neither, although I am an early riser. I write posts whenever I have some free time, then use the scheduling feature of Blogger to publish one post each day. I chose to use 6 a.m. to keep them 24 hours apart, but it was entirely arbitrary.

In Blogger, when you create a new post, click on Post Options at the bottom of the text window. there you set the date and time. If they are in the future, when you publish, Blogger will save your post in a Scheduled queue, and publish on the date and time specified. try it!

Mick = Thank you. Yes, I suspect at least one person was watching!

Ronnie - Thanks. I was very pleased to find this one.


Throck said...

Thanks Hermione,
I'll try that. I feel like, as an "old man," technology is getting ahead of me. I didn't realize Blogger had that feature. I wish I were creative enough to post every day.


LU said...

Love it! i bet there was an amused and astonished audience! don't know where it is though.


turiya said...

LOL... that is too funny!

dazygal said...

Great pic!! A quick google search says it is at 42 Tuna Lane in San Diego, CA.


dazygal said...

Sorry...make that 52 Tuna Lane.

Michael said...

Great photo, Hermione. Don't know what's better, the cute look of "shock" on the woman's face or that she made the stone statue smile. Just look at that goofy grin on his face. He may be made of stone but he sure is happy.

Hermione said...

Throck - Blogger has lots of features I don't know about! And as for posting every day, I started out aat three times a week and gradually increased my output. But do whatever works for you.

LU - I wish I had been there to see it.

Spirited One - It sure is!

Dazygal - Thanks for that info.

Michael - You're right! It looks like he's enjoying every minute of it.

A. Lurker said...

I wonder if the guy is actually a statue or if it is a real person painted up that way and posing. Once when we were San Fransisco we saw a performer painted totally silver and posed like a statue. If you put money in his hat he would suddenly come alive & dance. If this is a real guy what happens if you put money in his hat? :-)

Hermione said...

A Lurker - It's a statue, but i wonder what would happen.