Friday, October 9, 2009

Be Prepared

A thief who hit a Subway sandwich shop in Houston, Texas got more than he bargained for. When he reached over the counter and grabbed some bills from the open cash drawer, the gal behind the counter hit him.

The shocked robber fell back against a wall, but then realized he had the money in his hands and made a run for the door. The young lady jumped over the counter and then jumped on him. She shouted to the customers standing around to give her something. Someone handed her a pair of handcuffs and she cuffed him. Then someone else handed her a Taser and she zapped him with it. That kept him quiet until the police arrived and arrested the thief.

What are the odds that someone enjoying a sub would be carrying a set of handcuffs?

From Hermione's Heart


Fabsterrant said...

Reminds me of a story about a man that pulled a gun on a loaded bus of people to rob them from the front of the bus. The robber fled when most of the people on the bus drew their weapons and pointed back at him.

pammie said...

And here I thought you were going to say she spanked him, dang.

ronnie said...

Good for her. To be honest Hermione I though the same as Pammie, that she was going to spank him.

Have a good weekend.


Measha said...

"What are the odds that someone enjoying a sub would be carrying a set of handcuffs?"

I'd say pretty good odds....if they have any idea of what fun is to be had with a sub! LOL

and to the lady in the sandwich shop: Well done!

Hermione said...

Fab - Oh, that would be very scary for the robber, as well as the people on the bus who were unarmed.

Pammie _ I wanted to.

Ronnie - Well, this was a true story so I couldn't embroider the truth.

Measha - Now there's a double entendre for you. That's why it didn't happen in a burger joint.


Lash said...

Measha has a good point Hermione, maybe he should have robbed a pub with those yard-long glasses of beer...

Great post as always Hermione.

Hugs. Lash

Hermione said...

Thanks, Lash.

Anonymous said...

The first thing I wanted to say is that in Texas, the guy was lucky he didn't get shot.

To the lady to tackled him, way to go!

Anonymous said...

I was actually wondering why someone was walking around with a Taser!

Handcuffs? Yes! Taser? That's just scary!

Dave said...

that is an unusual story!

Speaking of odd crimes and such, and there's no kinky angle here, but someone in my neck of the woods robbed a man at gunpoint and demanded he hand over his hot-dog. I could not make this stuff up! :)

The cops later ID'ed the armed robber by the mustard stain on his shirt.

Once again, we learn that crime does not pay!

Keep up the fine blogging Hermione,

Hermione said...

Mick - Some parts of certain Canadian cities are equally dangerous.

Subtle - They're more effective than pepper spray, I suppose.

Dave - Isn't that the limit! Maybe he'll use relish next time!

I definitely will keep on blogging.