Saturday, October 10, 2009

Did I Miss Something?

Could late night talk-show host David Letterman be a spanko?

Letterman has been in the news lately for his public confession of having had sexual relations with staff members, and his subsequent on-air apology to his wife. (For those of you who may not be familiar with the story, here are the details.)

So he was fair game for the CBC radio current affairs program The Current. The intro to yesterday's show went like this:

Sweden is marking the 30th anniversary of its ban on spanking

Currently ... David Letterman is on day three.

Have I missed something? Was this a feeble but titillating attempt at humour, or is spanking part of his lifestyle?

Does anyone know? If so, please share with us!

From Hermione's Heart


Dr. Ken said...

Hermione--I haven't heard anything either, so I think you nailed it when you called a feeble but titillating attempt at humor...

Dr. Ken

Hermione said...

Dr. Ken - Just another example of crazy Canuck humour.