Thursday, October 15, 2009

LOL Day in Retrospect

Love Our Lurkers day is over for another year, but I wanted to share some of my thoughts about this annual ritual with you.

One blogger asked, "Is LOL day always this much fun?" The answer is yes!

Last year was my first LOL day and I enjoyed visiting the participating blogs and receiving comments on my own. This year I was more heavily involved in it so I got to see first hand how big it has grown and also to appreciate how much work, time and effort Bonnie puts into it each year. Let's give her a big round of applause!

Each time I left a comment on a blog, I was tempted to check the "receive followup comments by email" box, because I like to read other readers' comments too, but knew that my inbox would explode if I did.

In reading the various LOL day posts, I found out that some bloggers get 50 hits a day, some get 5000, and many more like myself are somewhere in between. Despite the wide range of readership, we are all important in what we contribute to this common interest that unites us.

I got a lot of hits on my blog that came from my profile. Maybe those readers will come back again. Some of the comments I received were from people who had not known about my blog, but had come for a look after seeing my comment on another blog. That's a very good reason for bloggers to try to visit all the participating LOL day blogs.

Another interesting fact was that, although I had lots of comments and a large number of new readers, the overall total number of hits for the day was down. I suppose the blogosphere was especially busy that day with so many blogs to visit, and some of my regulars couldn't make it.

Thank you to the lurkers and regular readers who took the time to visit me and leave a comment. Believe me, my blog is a labour of love and an important part of my life.
Sometimes it's the only thing that keeps me sane.

I received more comments this year than last, and although they are all important to me, I was pleasantly surprised to get one from Chross, the mega-blogger who makes my stats jump skyward every time he features my blog in his "Spankings of the Week".

For the lurker who asked for advice: by all means allow your wife to spank you, as it seems that you and she both want the same thing. But as to what the future holds and how your relationship will change, that's for the two of you to talk over together.

See you all next year for LOL V.


From Hermione's Heart


Fabsterrant said...

The entire spanking situation is fun to be part of. Thank you for all your work.

Hugs, fab

ronnie said...

It was a fun day Hermione. First one for me and happy I joined in.

Thanks for all you did x


Hermione said...

Fab - Yes, it's a wonderful community and I love being part of it.

Ronnie - I'm glad you were part of LOL day too.


JMDee said...

Hi there:

I stopped by a couple of days ago and couldn't leave a comment; the lines must have been tied up! :)

Now it'll let me. I wanted to tell you that it sounds like we have the same hair issues, and I feel your pain!

People just don't know. Sure, it's pretty when I spend an hour on it, but it's gravitationally challenged and sometimes just getting it to go into a reasonable pony-tail is like trying to mash potatoes with a chop stick.

So-- you're soooo not alone. :)

And, I hate to complain about it, but at the same time... they just have no idea.

Anyhow, I'm glad you had such a fruitful LOL day, and I'll be checking in regularly now that I know you're here.


Anonymous said...

This was the sweetest recap of an awesome day. It is wonderful to be a part of this community. See ya next year :)

Chross said...

mega-blogger hum...? My ego likes that ;)

Hermione said...

JMD - I hear you. I'm expected to be grateful for hair that really irritates me sometimes. Oh, well, we always wish for what we can't have.

CD - Oh, please don't wait a year before coming back!

Chross - I'm glad. I only speak the truth!