Monday, October 5, 2009

Finish this Fantasy II

Here's another intriguing fantasy for you to finish. Is there the possibility of a spanking? That's up to you. Tell us all how you think it ends, either in the comments here or on your own blog.

I'm still at work when I get an email from you with the subject line "I need you NOW". I race home, and the front door is unlocked. I follow a trail of discarded clothes to the bedroom. That's where I find you - naked, sitting on a chair.

"Thanks for coming", you say as I move closer. "This couldn't wait".


Finish this fantasy!

From Hermione's Heart


Fabsterrant said... brought it to my attention your toes need to be titilated till you quiver in wanton undulation. Heh Heh Heh I thought as I realized I have you now right where I want you. Both toes in my mouth as I lay on the floor in front of you thinking back to this morning as we start each day with you presenting your bum to me with your work clothes hiked up and needing a spank and a kiss. The End,fab...whew.

ronnie said...

Mmm Hermione, very quickly here we go.

There's a huge grin on your face, a twinkle in your eye, your manhood standing erect.
"Happy Birthday darling, I wanted to surprise you this evening but I know family will be around". I burst out laughing, my husband really knows how to make me laugh and knows what I enjoy.

A fun one, sorry no spanking.


Michael said...

You stand up and tell me you were a naughty girl today and touched yourself in the shower and had an orgasm without permission. I am dismayed by your action but not surprised by your honesty. You admit this to me for at heart you are a good girl, my good girl, and I would expect no less from you, but I am bewildered why you didn't wait till I was home from work to tell me. Then I realize just how guilty you have been feeling for disobeying, and how you want and need to set things right as soon as possible.

I hug you tightly, feeling your warm flesh against my body and whisper in your ear "Now it is time for your punishment" knowing this is the only way for you to truly feel forgiven. To be spanked and then held in my lap as I brush away your tears and gently tell you that you are once again my good girl, my lovely wife whom I love beyond compare, you will then feel whole again.

I take a step back unbuckling my belt and pulling it from my trousers with a soft whoosh. "It is time for your punishment, my love...

Season said...

... you say, "Do you know why I am undressed?"

I think through several possibilities trying desperately to figure out what you are getting at. I am confused by the stern look you are giving me with just a hint of amusement.

"Ummm ... because it's a hot day out and you are trying to cool off?"

"No, little girl. I have nothing to wear for my workout as someone didn't finish the laundry as promised."

Gulp. I was in a hurry this morning and forgot to take the wet clothes from the washer and put them in the dryer.

You have me stand in front of you, between your knees as you take both of my hands in yours. You insist I look you in the eye and then you begin to scold me. Softly, quietly, gently. Unnervingly.
“And I also noticed you left a big pile of clothes on top of the dryer instead of folding them and putting them away.”

I avert my eyes and you squeeze my hands to make me look at you again. As soon as I meet your gaze tears well up in my eyes. I can’t stand to see the disappointment I find on your face. My bottom lip quivers.

“Okay, let’s get these pants off” you say while sliding them down to my ankles and making me step out of them. Then you grab my panties and yank them all the way down and off, too. Usually you leave my panties up for the first part of my spankings. I must really be in trouble this time.

You take me over your knee, spank me with your hand and then switch to the hair brush, scolding all the while. My bottom is bright red and stinging terribly when you finally let me up.

And then you take me by the elbow and escort me over to the corner and when I realize where we are going I put my face in my hands and sob uncontrollably. There I stood, nose to the corner, while you observed me and made occasional comments about what you expect of me from now on.

Finally you come and get me, turn me around and hug me tightly. You speak softly with forgiveness and comfort. I reach for my panties to get dressed and you say, “No, no, honey. You need to finish the laundry, bare bottomed as a reminder. When you are done, come stand by my chair. I will then let you know if you can get dressed or if you will remain bottomless for the rest of the evening.”


Hermione said...

Those are such hot stories! I love them all. Thanks for playing along.