Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A brazen blush on each pale cheek

Ron and I were watching a favourite television program the other evening when we heard the star say:

"A brazen blush on each pale cheek."

My ears pricked up and I blushed too. Ron repeated the line with a grumble about the language being a little too over the top. Then he turned to me with a suggestive grin and said, "I suppose you can relate to that."

He had picked up on the spanking innuendo after all. I laughed, "Of course. I'm going to write that down," and I reached for pen and paper before I forgot the exact words. "That will be the subject of my next post."

"So that one went right by you," Ron gloated. I didn't say anything.

No, of course it hadn't. But sometimes I think he gets irritated with my "all spanking, all the time" view of life, so I had kept silent. But it looks like my husband is starting to see things from a spanko's perspective, and that's fine with me.

Oh, right, you probably want to know more about the pale cheeks and their brazen blush.

We were watching one of the lovely Nigella Lawson's cooking shows.

You can probably see why it's one of Ron's favourite programs, and not because of the recipes.

The dessert she was preparing was called Eton mess - a combination of whipped cream, crumbled meringues and macerated chopped strawberries (that was the pale cheek) topped with more strawberries (aka brazen blush).

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Innuendo is always good. I think that you should have taken up his offer, as the ultimate rewards for both are always welcome. The photos are great, but the side view seems to suggest the cook tastes her own food often... Then again, never trust a skinny cook.

Mark said...

I didn't see that programme but Nigella Lawson is one of the sexiest ladies in the world. The combination of her being very attractive, maternal and that red lipstick and almost gothic aspect drives me crazy.

I would think that she is very kinky and probably knew exactly what she was saying :)


For the amount of money that it takes to make that show, you would think that they could get a camera operator that can hold a steady picture and keep it focused, it's so irritating. I vote that the camera operator should be spanked till cherry blush buns are on the menu.


Cassie said...

I'm glad to see someone else worries that 'the all spanking all the time view of life' may annoy others. And I really glad to see that Ron is less and less vanilla every day.


Fabsterrant said...

Hermione, I have something special for you to consider. Since you like the specialty of cooking and music I thought you might like a great read in a poetic sense. Her name is Kay and I wonder if you and your reader might like to experience her words. Her blog is
"Loud Silence."


She has many respondents to her work and she just draws the words from you in created thought and suddenly there they are before you and you post them.

Hugs, fab

ronnie said...

Hermione, P's a little like your Ron, he too thinks I think "spanking, all the time" maybe I do :)

Afraid she's not one of my favourite TV cooks.


Florida Dom said...

Hey, nothing wrong with thinking about spanking all the time. Maybe he'll start thinking about it more.

And I disgree with Redxxx that the cook appears to eat too much of her own food. I think she's very sexy. We tend to send messages in our society that women should be too skinny. Real wmen, not those starved models, should have real curves.


Hermione said...

redxxx - The side view was from a site that said she had forbidden the cameramen to shoot her from behind because of her behind.

Mark - We both think she's sexy, and yes, her language is often quite sensual.

Prefectdt - Perhaps they find it hard to hold the camera steady when they are gazing upon her charms.

Cassie - He's better able to speak about spanking in a matter of fact way now, but then, so am I. We both have a better comfort level with it.

Fab - Thank you. I will pay her a visit today.

Ronnie - We liked her early series, but now it's become same old same old (except for the boobs).

FD - I think women were meant to have curves too. And I do believe that Ron is thinking about spanking more. At least, he's throwing it into the conversation much more often.