Friday, October 2, 2009

How do you celebrate?

A friend of the family dropped in for a visit one afternoon recently. While we chatted, I thought back to the last time we had seen her. It was on Ron's birthday, and she had brought him a card and a small gift. In the course of conversation, our visitor asked if we were doing anything special to celebrate his birthday.

Ron and I didn't dare look at one other. We don't do actual birthday spankings, but it was Sunday, and I was due to have my bottom bared and warmed in less than two hours. I let Ron handle it.

"Oh, we're going out for dinner," he said.

That got us past the awkward moment. Our friend left soon after and we had a good laugh and lots of fun speculating how she would have reacted if Ron had said exactly how we intended to celebrate the day.

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From Hermione's Heart


Fabsterrant said...

Couples in love surmount the challenges of the perplexed unknown Guenever.

dwcmike said...

Was dinner a mispronunciation of rump roast.... Happy Birthday to ROn.

PK said...

And like Carly said in a recent post, I think sharing this wonderful secret brings us closer to our spouse.


ronnie said...

Quick thinking by Ron.

Oh don't you sometimes wish you could just come out and say, "were staying in tonight and I'm going to get spanked LOL.

Hope you both have a good weekend.


Hermione said...

Fab - Very nicely said.

Mike - I simply can't remember. Spankings impair my short-term memory.

PK - Yes, I agree. It's wonderful to have a secret that only we know.

Ronnie - I was relieved. Yes, it would be nice to be able to say that, and perhaps he might have if the person had been a close friend and he'd been in a silly mood.