Monday, October 19, 2009

Finish this Fantasy III

Here's another interesting fantasy for you to finish - with a spanking, or in any way you choose. Write your own ending in the comments here, or on your own blog if you prefer.

Leaving a friend's apartment, we decide to take the stairs. As we go down, you sprint ahead and motion me to follow. I speed up, my eyes on your bottom. I almost catch up, then you stop. Momentum takes over and my body pins yours to the wall. Panting, I take your arms and hold them back so ....

Finish this fantasy!

From Hermione's Heart


Fabsterrant said...

As you pin my hands against the wall you quickly pull down my zipper and bring forth the cock of your hearts desire. I'm stunned as you quickly and rapidly stroke it to full arousal and I settle in to enjoy the mastery of your undulation and speed and see your lust propell you with mission orientation toward your goal. I'm delighted at your release of my hands and the proping up of your leg on a door knob adjacent to me. With hurried probing your entrance is broached beneath your skirt and you hump lewdly maintainting your foot on the door knob. I'm in awe at the luscious feel of your ass meat in my hands and confess privately that no other could satisfy me so. Your thrusting carries my grip along with your every movement. My hands turn into a pair of claws as I grip you tighter and all the faster you move your hips into me. Your foot has a grip on the inside of the door knob and the same side knee is locked into place against the door just above my hip. I know we will finish together and I'll never ever let you go.

ronnie said...

So you can't move, I kiss your lips and explore your breats, which are bare beneath your blouse,nipples instantly respond to my touch, I move my hand lower down between your legs pushing them aside, you moan softly as I kneel in front of you and tell you to lift your skirt.
I pull your panties to the side and can smell your sex, your already wet, you push again my face, such a wanting naughty girl, a naughty girl who will be dealt with later but for now I will relish pleasing you.