Monday, October 4, 2010

From the Top Shelf - A Poem from The Pearl

This poem, first published in The Pearl in 1879, is a little extreme in its description of a birching, so be warned. Clearly, birching is an aphrodisiac, as told from a woman's point of view, but was the poet actually female or male?

The Spell of the Rod

When Lucy's fine rump we first bared to the twigs,
She was finely cut up and her flesh torn to shreds;
She cried out for mercy in her dire distress,
Promising amendment as we lowered her dress.

She had been most naughty, and a bad rude girl,
Who presumed the hair on her fanny to curl;
But the birch reached her quim as well as her bum,
The height of her agony was glorious fun.

Her frightened looks, and deep blushes of shame,
Set our hearts pit-a-pit, and our senses in flame;
The old cockolorums our cunnies would grope,
Then tossed us on sofas and had a fine stroke.

So all those slow coaches, who a rise scarce can get,
Come, pay your respect to Our Lady St. Bridget;
She'll warm up your blood till it boils in your veins,
And your penis all his pristine vigour regains.

Let the birch be your love, St. Bridget your saint,
Never flinch from the rod, nor think of a faint;
Swish--swish--let it fall, till the glow of desire,
Will run thro' your senses, and set them on fire.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

I remember The Pearl. I read it many, many years ago. It fanned my interest at the time when little else was readily available about TTWD.

thank you for the reminder.

Unknown said...

"The old cockolorums our cunnies would grope..."

I had to look up cockolorum to see if it was a word worth reviving. I don't think it's as dirty as it sounds, which makes it brilliant.

Thanks for sharing this!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful poem :-)


ronnie said...

Wonderful Hermione, thanks for sharing. As you say it's told from a women's point of view and I think possible the poet could have been a women. Do you know?



I Googled St. Bridget and found St. Bridget of Sweden, who had a vision of Christ telling her how many blows he received during his pre crucifixion scourging. I never knew that we had a spanko saint before.


Hermione said...

PAT - It was my pleasure.

B.P - Wasn't there a fairy tale that involved drinking hot cockolorum?

Maria - It should be inscribed on a valentine card.

Ronnie - All the works published were anonymous, but who knows? It's possible the magazine had a female editor.

Prefectdt - I didn't know that, but I suspect many of the saints enjoyed a bit of scourging.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for spotlighting The Pearl, H!
Dog-eared copies of both Grove Press classics, My Secret Life AND The Pearl have been in my nightstand for
a very long time--bought them from a paperback carousel at Sunny Isles Pharmacy, 16701 Collins Avenue, North Miami Beach, in 1967. HOT times recalled during those days of adolescent discovery. Peak testosterone days, longingly missed!

Hermione said...

Anonymous - Thank you for sharing those memories.