Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Never Spank a Blonde

Last week Ron had a visit from an old friend I'll call Brenda. She brought him a small gift for his birthday and they had a friendly chat over coffee.

That evening Ron told me Brenda's latest news about her family, their vacation, home renovations and other odds and ends.

"They aren't doing the spanking thing," Ron said, as casually as he had mentioned her daughter's graduation.

"Oh."  He had caught me off guard before with his references to spanking and our friends. I knew he was fibbing, so I played along.

"No? Too bad." I paused, pretending I was considering the situation. "So, did Allen try to spank her? What did she think about it?"

"It's not going to happen," Ron replied, deadpan. Then I caught his eye and we both burst out laughing. The mental picture of sweet, gentle Allen spanking his bossy, domineering blond wife was a delightful one. 

But you know what they say:

never spank a blonde.

From Hermione's Heart


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Bacall is blonde

Unknown said...

Never spank a blonde? Shh...don't tell my D that. I'd have to run out and get hair dye.



Anonymous said...

"Bossy and dominaaring"

Ouch :-D


ronnie said...

Remind me never to change my hair colour:)


Erica said...

Really liking my brunette color right about now... ;-)

Katia said...

Hmmm, maybe I should have stayed a blond.

Hermione said...

Hi all,

Maybe I'd better explain. FIrst I found the lovely picture at the bottom, and wondered how I would use it. When I wrote this story, it suddenly occurred to me that the picture would be fun to include. "Brenda" really is a blond.

In no way do I mean to suggest that hair colour should be a deterrent to spanking, or even a preventative measure.



If Brenda is so bossy, perhaps it is gentle Allen who should be getting the spanking from her. Or is he a blond too?


Hermione said...

Prefectdt - I think it would work better that way. And no, he isn't.

sixofthebest said...

Hermoine, every man if given the oportunity to spank a naughty lady, be it his wife, or some other feminine beauty, if given a chance would do so in a minute. According to an old motto, "When the cats away, the mice will play". An possibly if some handsome dude, came along in your life, you may even allow him to spank you on your voluptous bare bottom.

js666 said...

The pic posted is pretty small, but if anyone wants to look up the original, it's from the Saturday Evening Post and was published in the week Hiroshima was bombed, the first week of August, 1945.

Unknown said...

Always fun to imagine another couple you know being involved in spanking. We will have to try it sometime. PS: Cindy is not bossy, and I am not submissive in any way except in spanking.

Carl H said...

This was a great find, but I have been unable to get a legible copy of the text to the article. I have looked all over the internet for it. Any suggestions?

Hermione said...

Carl - the image I used came from www.advertisingarchives.co.uk and I believe you can purchase a larger image from them.