Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Power of Touch

Scientists have discovered something that we spankos have known for years: touching relieves pain.

British researchers at University College London have found that grabbing your toe or finger after it has sustained an injury provides immediate relief. Their conclusion was that touching the aching area relieves pain by changing the way the body is represented in the brain.

Oh. So that's why we rub our bottoms after a spanking.

I wonder what they spent on that study. They could have saved a lot of money by just asking spanking enthusiasts.

From Hermione's Heart


PK said...

No body listens to us!! Oh well at least we all have each other.


Anonymous said...

Truly a groundbreaking revelation.

Anonymous said...

That is funny. Love it.

Unknown said...

makes sense, so I expect you will no longer be rubbing your bottom after a spanking by Ron, so that the burn will continue.

Anonymous said...

We should just be cuddled then, rather than spanked. :)

Does that not work?


And they spent how much on that research? They could have got the results from us for free :)


Hermione said...

PK - Right. And we listen!

Mick - It boggles the mind, doesn't it.

Maryann - Thanks.

Red - That's right. there's a new hands-off policy in effect.

Poppy - Oh, no, that's no fun at all!

Prefectdt - Yes, or we could have charged a large fee to be guinea pigs.


Cara Bristol said...

Duh. Even beyond spanking...think about it. You stub your toe or you bump your head...what do you rub it.


Unknown said...

Once again, it goes to show that everything we need to know we can learn from spanking.



Season said...

So it isn't the arnica Michael rubs in after, but the touch that does it? Excellent! I can reallocate my arnica budget to bottles of wine. :D

Janet said...

Hmm, maybe they should have saved their money and tested to see how much brighter Spankos are then the average joe!!!!

Daisychain said...

Haha, great post! I think I have a sunday joketime coming up with a stupid survey in it...yup...just checked...due to be posted november 7th....
Great find, Hermione. Hugs, xxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Makes sense ;-)

But I would say: Old news!


ronnie said...

Didn't need a scientist to tell us spankos that:)


Hermione said...

Cara - Common sense, right?

Pink - So true.

Season - That's a wonderful idea, and it would probably have the same effect.

Janet - Although we know the answer to that one too, don't we?

Daisy - I can't wait to see it. I love surveys.

Maria - Yes, nothing new here.

Ronnie - No, not at all.