Saturday, October 2, 2010

Complete the Caption for Vintage Photo II

Here's a lovely postcard of a beautiful lady preparing for bed. That bed looks quite high; just the right height for bending over and getting a good... Sorry. I digress. Unfortunately, the bottom of the card seems to be missing. "Send me a husband who - " Can you finish her request?

I will post your responses tomorrow, and I just might be able to restore the bottom half of the card by then, so you can see the original.

Now, where's my tape dispenser?

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Cute picture :-)

The girl looks a bit sneaky...


Em said...

... knows what to do,
And how to turn my bottom red.

I agree, she does look a bit mischevious! I like how she's kindly wearing a red dressing gown, giving said husband a color to judge the redness of her bottom against!

Thanks Hermione, these are always fun :)

sixofthebest said...

The naughty lady is saying in her prayers. "Please send me a husband like 'six of the best', who knows what to do with a grown up women who errs in her life. Send me this man, who can raise a naughty woman's dress waist high, take down her knickers, and cane her bare bottom with painful stripes". Please, I beg of you?."

Mitch said...

Spanks me well
And makes my bottom red!

ronnie said...

Please send me a husband who will take me over his knee and spank me hard until my bottom is red and sore just like the girl in the book.

Have a wonderful weekend.



She does look very bratty and that sideways look suggests that she has her eye on something.

"Send me a husband who does not notice that I have balanced a bucket of water on the top of the door."


Anonymous said...

"Send me a husband who always knows,
how to keep me up on my toes,
with thuddy whacks,
and stingy smacks,
will keep my bottom a ruddy rose".


A. Lurker said...

Knows how to spank me through & through

When I don't do what he wants me to

Because I'd rather be red than blue !!!


Dioneo said...

Hmm, I believe the entire ditty goes as follows:

A maiden bowed her lovely head,
And thus her little prayer she said,

Send me a husband who's well-bred,
Across whose knees I will be led,
With hands I'll come to love and dread,
And please make sure he's good in bed!