Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Belt needs a Steady Hand

A band from Newfoundland called Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers is currently on tour. These guys have  quirky sense of humour, and have named their tour The Steady Belt Tour.

Considering that one of their albums is called Whipper Snipper, I think there's something vaguely spankoesque about this band. Take a look at this extract from their promotional material:

Now let it be known that we really don’t need to leave our cozy little sanctuaries at all. No sir. We’ve stashed away our winter’s supplies of moose, codfish, berries, vegetables and favourite wines and don’t need to budge.

However, given the state of uncertainty and misery in this great land we’re going to tear ourselves away from our little realms of paradise and launch out on a mercy mission.

Armed with ample doses of happy vaccines we will criss cross the province and country inoculating all those in need. Everyone is high priority.

So to all our dear and loyal patients, we ask you to line up for your shots. No queue jumpers, please. Pull up those sleeves or pull down your pants. This is private medicine at its best.

From Hermione's Heart


Bobbie Jo said...

I love this one. These guys really have a sense of humor and just maybe... LOL.

Red said...

weird, but fun. There are too many normal people in this world, so happy to hear of some who are different

ronnie said...

Fun indeed. Have you heard them Hermione?


Hermione said...

Bobbie Jo - They may have a few spanking jokes in their repertoire - who Knows?

Red - Different is good! This sounds like it would be a fun evening.

Ronnie - No, but maybe if I get a chance I might talk Ron into taking me.


Pink said...

Oh, I like the sounds of "criss crossing" and "private medicine". The pulling down of the pants is a given. :)

Raven Red said...

Agreeing with Pink. Loved this!



Hermione said...

Pink - I missed criss crossing completely! LOL.

Raven - it gets better the more you red it.