Sunday, May 1, 2011

You Completed the Caption

What does this lovely horse think about his stablemate, and what's in store for her?

Simon(e): "Wow, at least he only uses the crop on me."

or "I wonder if she'll get a sugar lump afterwards."

Welcome Simon(e)

Sixofthebest: This is from the 'horse's mouth'. "Is this Hermione's voluptuous bare bottom I see before me?"

Daisychain: "So THAT'S an ass.... can't see how I can be related to THAT..."

A. Lurker: Is that what they mean by "being a horse's a$$"?

or "Now where did I put the other half of that costume?"

or "Young lady, your are ruining my shot. Now you will get cropped, and I ain't talking Photoshop."

Dave Wolfe: "Aw, Wilbur, you and Carol can be as kinky as you want, but do I haveta WATCH?"

Michael: "The inexperienced hitman for Don Corleone got it backwards when he was ordered to put a horse's head in the bed."

Kingspan: "My darling husband," read the note in the kitchen, "Despite your patient attempts to instruct me in the proper care of our beasts, I am afraid I have failed in my duties once again. Please come to the barn when you can to repair my foolish mistakes, and I shall accept whatever correction you choose to bestow."

CedenoGems: It's true what they say, the moon is looking fuller these days.

Anonymous: A horse is of course a horse of course...

Ronnie: 'Birches are soaking so it looks like my Lady Penelope is in trouble again.'

Red: First a hiding with a birch, then a very sore riding... followed by another hiding with the other birch...What a pleasurable day in the country.

Prefectdt: "Damn! Just to add to the saddle soreness."

Poppy: "Is someone going to make me some hay while this bum shines?"

Hermione: I escaped from the Royal wedding only to find this going on at home.

Thanks for joining me in some stable silliness this weekend.

From Hermione's Heart


ronnie said...

Great captions Hermione, love yours:)


Raven Red said...

Aww...I missed out, but at least I could have a good giggle this morning.



Hermione said...

Ronnie - Thanks. It's strange when the most memorable part of THAT day is the runaway horse!

Raven - I'm glad you started your day off right.