Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday WIN

I've been enjoying my favourite mail-order catalogue, and have found a few items that just might be useful for that certain someone's spanking.

This is a talking watch that
speaks the time, day, month, and year in a pleasant female voice. A press of one button repeats the time 3:52 PM as "three fifty-two PM" and a press of another button repeats the month, date, and year July 1, 2009 as "July one, two-thousand nine." You can supplant the female voice with a built-in rooster call.
If the spanker can time the swats to exactly one second apart, there's no need to count! the watch performs that annoying task for you.

Table tennis (or ping pong) hands

These are the table tennis paddles that are worn like mittens, effectively turning your hand into a paddle. The mitt's unconventional design eliminates the handle and spreads apart the front and back of the paddles, allowing your hand to slip between them. The paddle becomes a natural extension of your arm, resulting in greater control, faster volleys, an improved backhand, and more spin. Each mitt is hand-made from five-ply laminated birch with a responsive natural latex pad.

A birch paddle that's an extension of the arm - brrr!

Finally, something to soothe that tender tushie: the Pain Free Cushion.

Designed with contoured, cutout shape, this cushion helps reduce pressure and stress on tailbone—making any seat in the house a comfortable one! Wedge shape helps align spine, encouraging proper posture for hours of pain-free seating.

From Hermione's Heart


Haron said...

The amazing mutant paddle hand is quite alarming...

Anonymous said...

The watch makes me think of the old Timex ad--"Takes a licking and keeps on ticking." No kidding.

Hermione said...

Haron - It almost has a mind of its own.

Mick - I remember those commercials. They made me think of spanking every time.


jadelyn1975 said...

Hi Hermione the paddle hand thingy made out of birch look's quite stingy and the watch is COOL looking, the padded wedge looks quite comfy and soothing :-) It's amazing how people come up with these cool idea's to make these kind's of thing's, Do you have any of these? Have a G R E A T day from your friend naughty girl Jade

Rogue said...

Do you get a discount if you order all three? ;)

ronnie said...

The pain free cushion a winner for me but you can keep the ping pong hand. Didn't timex use a song for their ads, ticka, ticka something or other.



I like the idea of the ping pong hand thingy. MMMMM! Might try to make one :)


Hermione said...

Jade - No, I don't have any of them, but I agree there are some creative minds at work out there.

Rogue - I would like to think so.

Ronnie - Mick referred to he only Timex ad I remember. Maybe the UK had different ones.

Prefectdt - I like it too. Be sure to post the picture if you do.


Daisychain said...

Love them all, LOL xxxx

Red said...

great finds. thanks for sharing