Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday WIN

Coco de Mer is an unusual double cocoanut that grows in the Seychelles islands. Cocoanuts that fell from the trees into the sea would be carried away by the currents. Sailors who saw them floating in the sea imagined that they resembled a woman's buttocks.

I wonder why.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Very cool.

Katia said...

Those are awesome.

Daisychain said...

Oh my GOODNESS!xxxx

ronnie said...

And you can see why, very unusual Hermione. Thanks for sharing.

In the UK we have an erotic luxury boutique called Coco de Mer, quite expensive.



I suppose that if a guy spent long enough at sea back in the good/bad old days, a passing albatross might remind him of some part of a woman's anatomy. I can see the resemblance here though, without spending six months on the ocean waves :)


Raven Red said...

I have been very luck to pay the Seychelles a visit for a whole dreamy three weeks a while back. The locals tell you that they believe it is the original Garden of Eden...the Coco-de-Mer palm tree has both sexes present on the plant...and eh, fits the description.

Btw - I tried picking up one of those nuts - they are massive and quite heavy.



Maddy said...

Hi Hermione
Ronnie has commented about the erotica shop in London called Coco de Mer (
I often call in there when I am visiting London to get inspiration on toys and lingerie and have a browse through the books. Generally the things are too luxurious and too expensive but I have bought panties and one of their spanking rulers. The one item I covet is their Tally Ho chair. I will e mail you a picture. It sets my mind racing with the possibilities for play.
I took my husband (flr) in there once and showed him their range of glass dildos and jewelled crops. He hasn't taken the hint and bought me one yet so I shall have to lead him by the nose and instruct him what to buy.
Warm wishes

Maddy said...

Hi again
Sorry, the web site above should have read

Love Maddy

sixofthebest said...

Hermoine, without blushing, do you believe your knickerless bare bottom is as voluptous as these double cocoanuts. I can imagine they are to me, and hopefully to your husband.

Red said...

great looking coconuts. Thanks for sharing

Hermione said...

Now that Blogger has finally recovered, I can reply to your comments. That was scary!

Joey - Very cool.

Katia - Very exotic and unusual, yet familiar :)

Daisy - Wouldn't you love to see one floating down the river?

Ronnie - Yes, I've heard of that place, and now I understand the name. I'd love to visit it.

Prefectdt - You don't have scurvy either to appreciate the resemblance.

Red - I wonder what's inside, and if it's edible.


ThomasIII said...

I'm suddenly craving some coconut....