Friday, May 20, 2011

Ping Pong

I was shopping at Canadian Tire and passed by a clearance table. There were several ping pong paddles reduced for immediate sale. I picked one up, considered the possibilities, and added it to my shopping basket.

The paddle was labeled "beginner model" but I didn't see any intermediate or advanced ones so I can't say what the difference might be. I was intrigued by the different colour and texture of the rubber on each side, and wondered if I would feel a difference.

I only bought one paddle. We certainly weren't going to take up table tennis!

Later, Ron enjoyed the lovely loud sound it made when it connected with my bottom. But neither of us could discern any real difference between the black and the red side. I guess that's up to the experts.

From Hermione's Heart


MyMask said...

The things you find at Canadian Tire, and for a lot better price than a love shop.
Nice Blog.

ronnie said...

Didn't know there was a beginner's model.

I've just thrown ours away as the backing was coming off, didn't like much.

Enjoy your long weekend.


Daisychain said...

The pingpong paddle used on my bottom has no rubber, it is just wood. And it stings!!!! xxxxxx

CedenoGems said...

Sweetie, red is where it starts. Black is where it ends!!! LOL


dublin.paolo said...

The table tennis wasn't really very much on the ladies mind, so it wasn't like she was thinking about it all the time....there was something else instead ;-)

Hermione said...

MyMask - Yes, much more than just automotive supplies now. And thank you.

Ronnie - I would like to find an expert model next. Enjoy your weekend too.

Daisy - We also have a plain wood paddle. It's worse.

Kelly - A great way to explain the difference. Thanks.

Paolo - I assume this comment if for the next post, so added it to the replies for Complete the Caption.


Red said...

Hermione: always the wee scottish lassie,saving money by only buying one. You could have bought both, as a his and hers, but Ron would be happy to call them for her and for her.

Hermione said...

Red laddie - Aye, take care of the pennies and the, loonies will take care of themselves!


Anonymous said...

Hermione, the different colours ae what has been stated by the Internatinal Table Tennis Federation for players. You picked up a bat that has standard rubber on both sides in the correct colours. How you want to use them is up to you. Better bats are normaly set up by the plaers themselves and consist of the rubbers and glue they use, so you are unlikely to find them at Canadian Tire.

Sexy Cruiser said...

The paddles are rate by there weight, Beginner paddles for 8oz. or less and the Professional paddle weight is 1LB. The black is for putting English on balls and the red side is for backspin on the balls.

So, don't be an ass just play.... ping ponger do it all with only one ball.

Master Trainer,
Sir. Sexy Cruiser

Hermione said...

Anonymous and Sexy Cruiser - Thank you for the explanation. I've learned a lot about the paddles, in one way or another.