Sunday, May 22, 2011

You Completed the Caption

Nobody thought that three was a crowd in this picture. Here's how you captioned it:

Paolo: The table tennis wasn't really very much on the lady's mind, so it wasn't like she was thinking about it all the time....there was something else instead ;-)

Prefectdt: "I wonder what they will do when I steal the ball?"

Sara: Hermione was always on the look out: "Ron LOOK! A new pervertible! Want to play 'ping pong' (wink) later?"

Scarlet Fanny: "Oh, goodie! Just in time to see Daddy spank Mommy!"

Sixofthebest: Ron says to Hermione. "I've invited a Chinese ping pong expert over, and he tells me that he would love to show you some moves he makes, but he needs to pull your knickers down. Is that okay with you?"

Our Bottoms Burn: "I really don't care who wins I get the difference between their points in paddle pops".

Season: Winner paddles the loser. And I'm up next!

Michael: "I LOVE strip ping pong! Just wait a few minutes until John and Cynthia are down to their undies with the loser being paddled by the winner and see how intense their play gets."

Bonnie: "We've played ping pong for years, but until today, I never knew what the little white ball was for."

Ronnie: "Oh so that's what the bats are really used for."

Rogue: Hey, he beat me with that same paddle just last week!

Daisychain: Why are they wasting time hitting that silly little ball when I've got my bottom ready and waiting over here?

Bobbie-Jo: I'm going to get into this action. Whoever gets the highest score gets to spank the other two! (I just better win!)

My Mask: I am gonna say there is a bet going on between the two players.
The winner of the match gets to spank the blond in the picture over the ping pong table.

Red: They are practising their forehand and backhand swats. The person who loses then gets to spank the winner and me, or should it be the winner doing the spanking. Oh well, I guess it depends on whether they like to be spanked, or to do the spanking.

Hermione: "I get to play the winner. If I win, I get paddled, but if I lose, the winner paddles me."

Thanks for the lively exchanges. Have a safe and happy week.

From Hermione's Heart

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