Sunday, May 15, 2011

You Completed the Caption

You had some interesting perspectives on this Late Night with David Letterman episode, with his guests Sonny and Cher Bono, who reunited on that evening.

Ronnie: 'Well if he's not going to spank it I will.'

Jimmy: This naughty girl came ready for her spanking!

Michael: If one looked early, the signs were there that David Letterman was kinky. Who could forget the night he joined Sonny and Cher for a threesome.

Joey: David is thinking of the top ten reasons to spank Cher.

Bobbie Jo - Hmmm. I'd like to get that over my knee and give it a good work over!

Mockingbird: She's pretty tall... you hold her while I spank her!

Red: Show and tell was never this much fun in school!

Daisychain: I called you in on a Saturday for some practice in hold her while I whack her, then we swap....

Mac: "My left heel is hurting a bit"

Sixofthebest: The man says to the naughty lady. "The next kiss that I will give you, is going to be six of the best, with a pliable stinging cane, upon that bare bottom of yours."

Little Monkey: Time to give the wardrobe department a raise.

Kaki: Sonny says, Cher, you forgot to put on your slacks.

Prefectdt: In a think bubble for the guy at the back checking out Cher's rear view - "Those boots are wasted on her, they'd look so much better on me."

Daisy Christian: He wants to spank you but I'm going to ...

Lea: Joey, haha I'll second that one!

Recidavist: F/M version - "Hush darling, you both need a spanking, I'm going to deal with Tom first and then its your turn, now be good and go and wait in the corner for me."

M/F version - "Oh darling you DID book the professional disciplinarian for me; would you like to watch, or shall I ask him to take me to the study and attend to me there?

Bonnie: This has to be the high water mark for the micro-miniskirt.

Pink: "My palm suddenly itches."
Hermione: In the middle of singing, "I Got You, Babe", Sonny whisked Cher out of range of David's eager hand.

Thank you to all who participated, and a big welcome to several first-timers. Please join us again next week for more silliness.

From Hermione's Heart

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