Monday, May 16, 2011

From the Top Shelf - Belinda

Today we have  another selection from B.A. Bradbury's novel, Obliged to Bend. The scene is a week of spanking at the country home of a group known as the Spankers Seven. James and Irene are present, and they are participating in a spanking competition on the final evening. There is a large cash prize for the winning spankee, and Irene needs to win the money to pay off her deceased husband's debts. But she has some stiff competition.

At ten o'clock sharp Percy took us to the ballroom, for it was there that the competition was to be held. Our slaves were in attendance, all looking somewhat anxious, I thought, with the notable exception of Belinda, who looked amused; or so I judged, as her lips - visible below her mask - were curved in a faint smile.

Her outfit caught my eye, as it was spectacular to say the least. She was dressed as a peacock... Her tight corset - blue like a peacock's breast - was embroidered with sequins in a feather pattern. Her stockings and shoes were pale yellow. Her mask was most ingeniously crafted to resemble a peacock's head, complete with glossy black beak and blue tufted crown feathers. Most astonishing of all, however, was her tail. It was a full peacock fan in all its magnificence, sweeping across her back and shoulders. It radiated from a point level with her buttocks, and at first I assumed it was attached to her corset, but then saw that the garment in question did not extend down far enough. I could only conclude that Belinda's tail was somehow stuck up her bottom...

The six of us seated ourselves, and I indicated to Irene that she should sit beside me. Donnett also sat, whereas the rest were made to stand behind their respective master' couches. I doubted Belinda could sit even if she wished to, not without doing herself a mischief with that tail.

The men drew lots to determine the running order. Another pair went first, then it was Belinda's turn.

Nigel was on next, and once the gong sounded the first thing he did was remove Belinda's tail. As I had suspected, the peacock fan was attached to a plug in her bottom, and her sigh of relief as it came out brought a smile to a good few faces, including my own.

"Thank God for that," she muttered. "Now I know what the Christmas turkey feels like."

With the tail out of the way Nigel proceeded to warm her bottom with a quirt. The short, braided leather whip was a particular favourite of his, and he soon had her dancing and yelping in a most entertaining fashion.

It is always a treat to watch Belinda take a whacking. She is very mobile, for one thing, and her titties bounce delightfully as she hops and skips about the floor. She is also extremely vocal. Belinda does not believe in suffering in silence, singing out in an uninhibited fashion, and prone to sharing her thoughts on the proceedings into the bargain.

Under normal circumstances, of course,  most spankers would consider such antics undesirable, even unacceptable. I know that my grandfather would certainly have had something to say to Belinda about her behaviour. He always insisted that those under correction should remain as still and silent as possible. Twitching and jerking is inevitable, as are gasps and groans, but the penitent should not shift from her allotted position, and comments such as Belinda was apt to make simply would not be tolerated.

Though I share his views on this, with Belinda it is somewhat different. Whether out of affection for her or some other reason, behaviour that from others would have me in a rage, from Belinda just makes me smile.

The gong sounded, bringing Nigel's performance to a close. We all applauded, and Belinda made a curtsey to her appreciative audience.

"Thank you, kind sirs," she said, and masked though she was, I could see she was smiling.

The rest of the competition contains details that I consider too extreme to be recounted here, but I will let you in on a secret - Irene won.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Very erotic and fun tale; but, I am dying with curiosity to read Irene's story of how she won the competition.

ronnie said...

Sounds like a competition that would be very interesting to watch. Love the description of her outfit.

Now you are teasing us Hermione by not telling how Irene, most unfair:)

Thanks for sharing.


Hermione said...

Joey - Let's just say she probably won because she was a personal friend of the narrator :)

Ronnie - The rest of the competition involved extreme pain to body parts other than the buttocks. I suppose the author was hoping to insert a little variety, but it wasn't my cup of tea at all.