Friday, May 6, 2011

The Wrong Colour

Last weekend we took a break from household chores to enjoy some spanking activities. True to form, Ron was handling the implements in his usual skilled fashion.

There was the riding crop for the warmup. You wouldn't think it, but the crop is quite mild compared to some of his other weapons. The little purple hand on the end is just right to start things off.

Then there was the large bamboo spatula. It's very pretty, with stripes of various shades of light and dark brown, but that innocent pervertable packs a wallop!

The leather paddle came next, and the first set of smacks took my breath away. I knew that over the next several minutes I would come to enjoy it, but the first set is the hardest to take.

Ron rotated through the assortment of implements several times, keeping me on my toes and unable to settle into any single sensation for too long. Then he stopped and put down the weapon he held.

"Your bum is white," he observed.

"Really? How could that be?" I was still white after all that? There must be something wrong with the lighting in the room. "Use the paddle. that'll make me pink."

"Your wish is my command." Ron applied the leather paddle to try to correct the situation. It didn't work. My bottom stubbornly remained pale despite his best efforts.

"I give up." Ron put his arsenal away and I got up to inspect the damage (or lack thereof) in the mirror. He was right; my bottom was sore, but anemic. Why it failed to take on the usual colour remains a mystery. Perhaps I need to keep some cosmetics on hand to enhance the effects of a good paddling.

From Hermione's Heart


Raven Red said...

LOL!! I am sorry Hermione - not laughing at you, but with you.

If it makes you feel better, my bottom is the most stubborn in terms of changing colour - well, okay - the paddle on Wednesday night gave it no option...

I normally stare into the mirror, feeling the tenderness...looking desperately for some sign, but usually got nothing to show for it!



Pink said...

Wow. You're joining the ranks of those with a bionic bottom. Perhaps it was your bottom's way of speaking for herself?

"More," she says.

CedenoGems said...

Oh wow! That is dangerous. I be in trouble if that happened...hed keep trying!!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you are turning into Erica!

sixofthebest said...

Hermoine, I would love to see your husband Ron, use the swishy pliable stinging cane, on your voluptous bare bottom.

Hermione said...

Raven - Then I'm not the only one with this affliction. Good to know.

Pink - She says that quite frequently. I'll have to put subtitles on it for Ron to read.

CedenoGems - Ron knows when to quit, even if I don't.

Poppy - What a lovely compliment! But my wait will never be that small, ever.

Six - Well, he hasn't used a cane yet, so I'd like to see that too.



Sounds like yo have burst enough capillaries to reduce your ability to bruise Hermione. Due to medication, it is unlikely that I will ever get that effect.


Erica said...

(laughing) Uh oh! You know, a white bottom to a top is like a red flag to a bull. Welcome to bionicity -- it's annoying as hell! You don't LOOK sore, so they think you aren't!

Season said...

I think we need to invent a "self-tanner" lotion that turns skin red. One that is impact enhanced. Or maybe coat all implements with rouge?

ronnie said...

'Bionic Bottom' LOL. I've heard that can happen but don't know why if your bottom normally turns red after a spanking.
I think a repeat sessions with the same implement is needed.


Daisychain said...

Mine goes pink almost instantly; but 10 minutes after he stops, returns to white.... xxxxxxxxx

Hermione said...

Prefectdt - I don't usually bruise, just go pink or red. So you stay white too?

Erica - LOL - I will have to make up for it by vocalizing a bit more.

Season - I like the idea of red-tipped implements. Or maybe sit on something hot just before?

Ronnie - I agree, do it again until we get it right.

Daisy - That's what happens with mine usually. It doesn't stay red for long.


Red said...

Definitely a bionic bottom. I have had some pictures where the central area of the bottom is a whitish gray, whereas the outer portions are red. did the area become red later that day or after a hot shower?
it would be terrible if you are being spanked so often that you can not enjoy the experience. Definitely time for the cane's nice stripes.

Hermione said...

Red - No, it never did turn red, although i have had that experience with a hot shower.

Yes, I know, I need to order a cane. Sigh.