Friday, May 13, 2011

A Word about Wedgies

We normally don't worry about wardrobe when it comes to spanking, but at recent brunch at My Bottom Smarts, the subject was what part wedgies played in spanking. My answer was none, but it got me thinking. Maybe I needed to expand our horizons.

The following Saturday, I presented myself at the appointed time as usual. The only difference was that I was wearing a pair of pink lace panties that barely covered my bottom.

"You're wearing panties." Ron doesn't miss a thing.

"Yes, I am," I giggled, wondering where this would lead.

"You don't usually wear them," Ron persisted. Wasn't he pleased? I wanted to let him decide what to do about them, but thought he needed a little help.

"Work around them," I suggested. Surely he'd eventually figure out that a wedgie would be a good idea.

And that's what he did, applying the paddle of his choice in the usual way. The thin lace didn't afford any protection, but I hoped Ron was enjoying the view.

After a bit of exertion he stopped.

"They're unraveling," he announced.

I suppose the lingerie wasn't up to such heavy abuse. I reached back and felt a thread or two on my thigh.

"So, pull them down." Too late, I realized that I had lost my chance to have a wedgie. Before I could correct myself, Ron lowered the lacy barrier and continued his paddling. I think I heard a sigh of relief as he saw the familiar landscape emerge.

Will I try to introduce some variety again? Definitely! But it probably won't be related to underwear.

From Hermione's Heart


PK said...

I don't mind Nick starting out over panties, I kinda like it but he tells me the view is better without.


Daisychain said...

LOL, we have an expression here, called shooting yourself in the foot, but maybe shooting yourself in the butt would be more relevant in this case!!! xxxxxx

Jimmy said...

I LOVE it when Liz wears a sexy pair of panties when we start. Yes, eventually then end up gathered into a wedgie and eventually pulled down to the middle of her thighs and then gone entirely. But hey, half the fun of getting a present is unwrapping it, eh?

By the way, we both have frequently enjoyed your blog and reading your stories.


ronnie said...

P prefers me to wear knickers for the start of my spanking as he likes to slowly pull them down before finishing me off.

Have a good weekend.


Hermione said...

PK - Some men just aren't into panties.

Daisy - Yes, I think you are right.

Jimmy - Yes, the suspense of unwrapping is often the best part.

I'm pleased that you and your wife both enjoy my blog.

Ronnie - That sounds lovely!

Have a wonderful weekend, all!


Anonymous said...

Ilove them, but they don't stay on very long.

Anonymous said...

Mars and Venus.... Ron was supposed to read your mind that you wanted a wedgie spanking?? I can just see Ron's look of exasperation at Hermione in the movie while I read this... fun to read. .. glad to know it didn't stop the spanking..
happy spankings

Hermione said...

Mick - That seems to be the way the majority operates.

Red - Yes, I specifically requested a husband with a crystal ball. What's wrong with that ;D