Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Peach of a Bottom

How do you make your product memorable? By making it look like a spankable bum, of course! Customers are flocking to fruit vendors in China who dress their ripe peaches in panties.

Imagine the work that went into sewing all those tiny panties, then slipping them onto each blushing beauty.

Read the full story and enjoy more pictures here on Bored Panda.

From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

LoL Hermoine. I love it! Very clever marketing. Do I assume at least one of the advertising staff behind this is a spanko? LoL


stay at home mom said...

LoL, this is a cute idea. Hmmm, I'd love to nibble on one those bums. :D
...And imagine saying that in public!



Hermione said...

Roz - that's my suspicion!

Nina - They look ripe and juicy to me too!


Aimless Rambling said...

Interesting. Peaches have been great this year and not one of them wore panties

ronnie said...


What great marketing. Love them. Thanks for sharing these.


sixofthebest said...

Hermione, I say "Every peachy woman should have her panties, knickers, or bloomers taken down and creamed by giving them 'six of the best strokes of a cane', upon their bare bottoms".

WendelJones said...

Delicious and spankable! What more could one ask for?

Katie said...

Great story Hermione! :) What an interesting way to sell a peach! And wow- someone makes all those tiny little panties. Imagine getting up and going to work every day to make peach panties? LOL! Many hugs,

<3 Katie

Cat said...

LOL Hermione...these are awesome! I have to believe that whoever came up with this idea is a spanko. Thanks for sharing.

Hugs and Blessings...

Minielle Labraun said...

Creative! I agree a bold spanko too!
I will need to rethink my automatic response when someone asks how I am. I always quip, 'peachy.'

Hermione said...

Leigh - Ours have been yummy but naked too.

Ronnie - I thought it was so creative.

Six - I quite agree.

Sir Wendel - The perfect combination!

Katie - I suppose a sweat shop made them.

Cat - I agree with you.

Minelle - That expression is now a double entendre :)


smuccatelli said...

Imagine what they must cost...

Blondie said...

These are great!

Enzo said...

I don't know about you, but I just got the perfect idea for Christmas gifts!

Hermione said...

Smuccatelli - I never thought of that. A lot, I suppose.

Blondie - thanks!

Enzo - Brilliant!


Anonymous said...

I like them. Tongue or teeth? LOL!