Monday, August 11, 2014

Recap: Spanko Brunch for August 10

Our topic was applying over the counter preparations to simulate or enhance the effects of a spanking. 

Dr. Ken: Only once, and that was by accident. The lady that I had just finished spanking asked me to rub some cream on her bottom, and handed me a jar of Noxzema! It apparently burned like fire, and she was yelling for me to wipe it off as fast as possible.

On my own, no, I've never done this. My palm doesn't need any help (or so I've been told...)

Jenny: I have tried it. I've decided not to do it again. It's just too hard to control. First of all, it is difficult to apply the correct amount for the desired effect. I bought capsaicin as 1.5% with a roll-on applicator. I applied it to one cheek. I felt something, but it was not very intense. An hour later, I applied a little more. I still felt fine. Then I took a shower, and the pain set in. By the end of the shower, my bottom was pink, like after a mild spanking. For some reason, I decided to apply a little more. It felt like I was sitting directly on a heating pad set to HIGH. I had to just wait it out. The stinging and burning felt like a punishment spanking. The weird thing is that the burning came and went all night long, every hour or so. I kept waking up to a burn. I didn't like that there was no gradual end to the spanking, with a trailing off of the pain. It was more like on-off-on-off for hours.

Roz: We have never tried this and don't think it is something we will try. Rick seems to prefer the 'real' thing lol

Dragon's Rose: Once. It wasn't very effective. With my delicate skin, we were afraid to use too much.

Arched one: We have never tired it, but if R wanted to I would be willing to give it a try once.

Michael M: Not tried this one because I had not heard of it. In the past we have tried Deep Heat on my bottom but it has not effect. When my wife wants me to squirm during a testicle or prick whipping she will make me shave and then apply Deep Heat to my balls which has me jumping and bucking my hips in about 15 seconds flat. Once the sharp sting fades away I am left with a deliciously hot sensation across my groin and they feel semi- anaesthetised when she starts to use the little red whip or the tab of the riding crop.

Anon: I love it. Especially when I am self spanking. I spank as hard as I can, but I can never give myself a punishment spanking.

After a spanking, I apply this with a roll-on applicator and put on a tight panty girdle. After just a few minutes, the burn is so intense that I cannot sit down. I always wanted to be spanked until I couldn't sit down. This stuff will do it. I have to stand for 30 minutes or so until I can bear to sit down. If I do some physical work that makes me sweat, the burn returns, and a shower brings the burn back.

Minelle: I was once given cinnamon oil as a funny gift. I did try it and kept adding more until it worked after a hot shower! Gosh, never ever again! Lol I jumped back under the water so fast my head spun around!

Leigh: I am one of those people who have to try something, so I did. I will never do that again either.

Bonnie: Yes, we have and no, we probably won't again. It's just not a good substitute.

A good spanking is so much more than just a sore bottom. The sensations, the ritual, the talk, the positioning, the contact, and the emotions all contribute to the experience. That can't come from a tube.

Chickadee: My skin is immune to it :-) Absolutely no burning or anything. There was a little extra warmth in the shower but that's it. I don't have problems touching my eyes or in the bathroom after chopping jalepenos either. It's just my skin, I guess.

Ronnie: Yes we tried it and no, won't bother again.

Terpsichore: I remember as a child, before I understood what my interest with spankings was all about, I imagined stories of spankings in my head, and in those stories sometimes a lotion was applied to make the spanking hurt more, never knowing that such a thing existed or that people really did that. Now, knowing, I don't think I would try it as I like the sensations of a spanking as much as the afterglow, but I guess I should never say never :-)

Nina: We haven't tried it as a substitute for spankings, and I don't think that we would, because it feels pretty different from a real spanking.

Katie: I don't think that Rob and I will ever be using the cream. I can't speak for him, but for me, all the things that are associated with the act of spanking are an important part of the tool. I guess that i also have some concerns re: possible sensitivity. If it works for some people- great though.:)

Hermione: We haven't needed any thing to make a spanking hurt more. Ron does an admirable job with the tools at hand!

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