Monday, August 4, 2014

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for August 3

Our question this week was about being spanked to help your partner to get ahead, and there were mixed opinions about it. Here's what you said.

A. Lurker: Wow, what an interesting question!

Though it makes great fiction, for me, in real life, it feels wrong on so many levels. I would see it as sexual harassment. Also, if a person would ask this of an employee, what else would be asked down the road?

For my husband and I, spanking is sexual and we are monogamous therefore this situation would feel like having an affair.

I live in a province where there has been a huge, ongoing inquiry into scandal in the construction industry which, maybe, has made me even more sensitive to these things. I could see where this situation might fit in.

All that being said, the story made for great fiction! Fun to imagine but don't try this at home.

Dan: If I am the spankee, yes, I would give it a go. If I am the spanker, no. First, my wife would never agree to it and, second, it just wouldn't feel right to put someone else in that position.

Dr. Ken: As the spanker--no, I just can't see doing that.

Anon: My lovely spankee makes her gorgeous bottom readily available for me to indulge my spanking whims on it, but there is no way I would even consider asking her to offer it to someone else as a payment.

Abby: As a spankee, I would worry about what would they want no.

Six of the best: Absolutely, a husband should offer his wife to the boss, if it meant a substantial promotion, or raise for him. And his wife should acccept this proposal willingly.

Dragon's Rose: Not a hard question here! NO! strangers don't spank me. Not ever!

Baxter: Nothing doing with that. I am the spankee and my wife the spanker. It is fun to fantasize about, but in reality, it wouldn't happen.

Bogey and Bacall: We can see it as being quite fun.

Leigh: NO to both.

Michael M: Yes but I can't see it happening. I did enjoy your post.

Sub hub in phx: As the submissive ... Yes! I believe it is a simple matter of whether there is a limit line that is being crossed or not. It's not a hard limit for me, so yes, if I was told by my Mistress that it was going to happen, it would happen, however unlikely it is to actually happen.

If I were the dominant, I'd probably say no.

Ronnie: Interesting question. Simple answer is no.

Bonnie: This is the spanko indecent proposal.

My first answer was no, of course not. My second thought was how much spanking and how much money? A few swats on my clothed bottom for a million dollars might be a no-brainer. I guess it would depend.

Jan: Not a snowball in hell's chance!

Prefectdt: Yes I would agree to getting a spanking, on the condition that the boss was either an experienced spanker or willing to be supervised/instructed by an experienced spanker. This is so that I would not have to do any "Topping from the bottom" and annulling any positive effect that the spanking might produce.

Katie: No and No. For Rob's (eyes) hand only!

Jenny: Sorry, no, that is just too far-fetched for me. I wouldn't let someone spank me for my own promotion, so I certainly wouldn't let someone spank me for my mate's. For one thing, the spanker will be even more of a stranger than my own boss or hiring manager. Also, I just don't see this as a realistic situation.

Arched one: I have to agree with most here. Very interesting "story" but in R/L no way. I do have a fantasy that R might some day let one of her friends witness my spanking but that is very different.

Hermione: I have to agree that it's a hot fantasy, but not at all a good idea in real life. Besides the movie Indecent Proposal, the sexual version of this was a recent storyline on Coronation Street - "sleep with me and I'll let your husband and son off the hook". It all ended in tears, as you may well imagine.

The only way I might consider doing something like this is if my husband knew about the proposal, and if he agreed that I should go through with it.

Thank you to all who participated in this lively discussion. Have a great week, and for most (but not all) Canadians, enjoy the long weekend!

From Hermione's Heart


Pecan nutjob said...

I'm too late for the original post so here's my answer here.

I don't see that happening.

We have fantasized about my wife or myself getting spanked in front of or by some older lady (or, now that we're no longer in our twenties, a lady of our age), but this fantasy does not fit with the "getting ahead at work" idea - we thought about it more like punishment for unruly behavior.

On the other hand, my wife has occasionally spanked me "in my interest" for slacking on work. I've earned a little trip on her knee for saying that I should really finish this file, then engaging in some leisurely activity. And I've spanked her for silliness on work-related issues.

Autumn said...

I know I'm too late as well, but I'll add my share.

If I was single, and this person was a real dominant who wasn't trying to cross boundaries, then yes.

As I am with J, his answer would be an absolute "no". It wouldn't matter if it was over clothing, or for a million dollars... maybe if it was a woman with no sexual interest in me, but I'd have to ask.

Funny, I was thinking about this as I was reading the story... "Naked for some old boss I've never met? Not likely... " ;)