Saturday, August 23, 2014

You Completed the Caption

This stream of photos begged for some play by play commentary. Here's what you said:

Nina: Catch me if you can! If you can, you may spank me! Please!

Ronnie: Its the other guy I wanted to chase me but never mind - you'll do.

Minelle: "It was a dare! I was just playing around!"
"Fine because now I'm going to.....dare to spank you!"

Autumn: Good game, Cabrera!
Give me one more minute, I'm almost done!
Good game, LaRoche!
I spanked you, now it's your tuuuuuurn!

Leigh: #1 I've always wanted to pinch that butt.

Katie: Don't mess with me Buddy! I'm on a spanking scavenger hunt and my team is going in for the win!

A. Lurker: Who's on first?

Paddlingtown Women Spank Their Men: In local sports news, the Paddlingtown women’s baseball team walloped the men’s team 2 to 1 last night thanks to Ima “Bottoms Up” Bratt who lead the scoring with a 2-run base hit. The victory was especially joyous for the women because they had been at the bottom of the league for many years and this win will put them on top. Rock “Slap Happy” Butt was overheard saying, after the game, “Enjoy it now coz next time we will whip your arses and it will be painful.”

Han: Cute butt...
Oh no, not finished yet...
Will you marry me?
Wait, he said yes!

Measha: Have you seen their butts!? They are begging to be pinched!

Catch me if you can!!!

Ricky: He chased her until she caught him.
She's so sweet and adorably bratty! She's just asking for a good

Sir Wendel: Strolling through the park one day.
Spanking all the guys that play.

Dr. Ken: Same caption for photos 2 and 4:

"Nooooo! I don't want a spanking!!"

Hermione: The bases were loaded but suddenly no one seemed to care about stealing home.

From Hermione's Heart


Vfrat25000 said...

Missed another deadline-Just like my college days

Part 1: That Evening at the Game:

Who is that girl on the field?
That’s the new team owner’s daughter, he is some tech billionaire. I hear she is a little spoiled and a bit of brat.

Part 2: The next day in the CEO’s Office for Absolute Computer Graphics:

Ouch! Stop Please!!!! I’m sorry!!!! Ouch!! I’ll never do it again I promise!!!! Please stop!!!! Owwweeee!!!
What’s that all about?
Remember the lady who ran onto the baseball field last night and caused such a ruckus?
Yes, I saw that!
She is Mr. Hampton’s (He owns the team) 21 year old daughter and apparently he saw it too and was not happy. They are discussing it right now.
I see (muffled laugh).

A little poem

She ran in and she ran out. Herman the field guy would have caught her except for his gout.
The crowd shouted their approval for her removal and even more they clapped as her bottom was smacked.
Away scott free she thought she had run but her bottom glowed red when the umpire caught her and toasted her buns.
The next day on a pillow she did sit. for her bottom it felt like it had been seriously bug bit

Mitch Philbin said...

An add on comment:

"Wait, I get three strikes, don't I? Only had two so far!"