Saturday, August 2, 2014

You Completed the Caption

Who knew a kitty could inspire so many clever captions?

Arched one: Come in for the night kitty, you are just in time to watch me give my naughty husband a good long, hard spanking.

Ronnie: If he thinks this adorable little present will get him off his spanking - he can think again.

Six of the best: "Meow," said the cat. "From one PUSSY to another. I've been invited by your ever loving husband. to see you being given a 'spanking good time' on your bare bottom."

Leigh: "I think he's trying to tell me something."

Ricky: I'm sorry, Boots, but Puss is not in.

Simon: She often wondered why the cat always scratched on her door as soon as she had got ready for bed, only later did she notice that her neighbour was a renowned cat whisperer.

Michael M: "Since he is obviously going to be home late again, you had better come in. We may as well have at least one contented pussy round here."

Foothills: Oh, come on in kitty. I know you don't really care one bit that I have my sheer lingerie on. I know, however, that the same cannot be said of my husband. He probably won't be able to resist spanking my ass and then ravishing me again and again. But do me the courtesy of not staring at us while we do, like last time.

Blondie: "What a lovely little present. A pussy for a pussy. Will I get spanked for accepting this gift from our neighbor?"

A. Lurker: Ah yes wench, waiting for me at the door as I commanded. Master is pleased! Now bring me my tuna, chunked, not flaked.

Sir Wendel: Stupid cat. You interrupted my spanking.

From James Bond: Pussy Galore?

Han van Meegeren: You didn't have to go you know. She like pussies almost as much as I do.

Welcome, Han!

Vfrat25000: Great. Even the cat is getting more action than I am tonight

My fiancĂ© washes my clothes, cooks all the meals, lets me spank her anytime I want, she loves my mother, she never purchases anything without checking with me first, she rubs my back and feet every night .I do believe I have found the perfect woman. Oh, she likes cats… I’m out of here. Better luck next time!

Lady, I’m a Bad Ass Tom Cat. Why did you put this sissy red bow around my neck? All my friends are laughing their asses off! Get it off or there is going to be some real cat trouble around this place!

There you are, Killer! I thought you ran away. Killer, you look like you have lost weight.
Put your glasses on, lady. I’m the neighbor’s cat and I’m just looking for a little mouse action tonight.

George… what are you looking at so intently?
Nothing dear, just admiring a little neighborhood pussy!

Bonnie: Welcome to the cat house.

Hermione: As Lydia welcomed the last guest, she smiled. There were enough participants for a game of Cat o' Nine Tails.

You are all welcome to stay for brunch, coming up next.
From Hermione's Heart

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Dr. Ken said...

"Okay, I'll let you in--but I'm pretty sure you're not the one who keeps ringing the doorbell!"