Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday FAIL

I had to stop in at Walmart the other day to pick up a few things. The fun started in the parking lot.

Maybe at the zoo?

This must be one of those Walmarts that's open all night.

Get a room!

Very elegant. Maybe she's testing it before her wedding.

Not quite...

Before you check out, be sure to Complete the Caption. It's free and you are under no obligation to buy anything.

From Hermione's Heart


Sarah said...

Your WM pics are the best!!!
The hair dying one, I wonder if they realize they have to rinse it out.....

abby said...

The Walmart Friday fails always amaze me and make me shake my head on wonder...
hugs abby

an English Rose said...

Oh gosh, these are just so bad, that all in one thing has made me laugh so much
love Jan,xx

Hermione said...

Sarah - I'm willing to bet they didn't plan ahead.

Abby - Me too!

Jan - It was gross, all right.


Roz said...

Good grief LoL. These are so bad *shaking head*


Minielle Labraun said...

The hand down her pants....what can one say walking by that scene? It certainly didn't look like she even felt it.
"Here honey let me.... You are working on your laptop....."

WendelJones said...

Funny as always Hermione. Thanks

I’m guessing the one is dying her hair so she looks prettier on her date with the older guy who likes to grope. Although he may be looking for a spare Cheeto to hold him over while they order. We may never (or want to)know.

Aimless Rambling said...

OMG - every time I think there can't possibly anything worse - there is.

stay at home mom said...

Thank you for those great Friday fails. This week the pictures left me a little perplexed. If anybody told me what the pictures show, I would not believe half of it! :)



Hermione said...

Roz - Sad, isn't it?

Minelle - She was totally oblivious.

Sir Wendel - A spare Cheeto - ROFLMAO!

Leigh - Yup. There's always another one, worse than the last.

Nina - I scratch my head over them too.


Erica said...

Have you ever seen Jimmy Fallon's "EWW!" skit? That's all I can think right now.

Katie said...

Thanks for sharing these very interesting Walmart pics Hermione! :) Ummm... I hope that I don't come across that fella with the hand down the woman's pants. I don't want to know what he was up to... ICK! LOL! Many hugs,

<3 Katie

A. Lurker said...

Hi Hermione,

When I am in Walmart I have become more observant since you started posting Walmartians.

Around here, believe it or not, most Walmart shoppers are in designer-label clothing. The worst dressed ones are the shoppers who actually wear Walmart clothes &/or no make-up. Must be this province!


Cat said...

LOL Hermione...good Friday fails! Sheesh...dying your hair in the parking lot...and then what...dripping in to the ladies room to rinse it in the sink?

The man with the hand down the back of the woman's the diner counter? Not hungry now. Oh and Minelle...put your glasses on...that's a menu not a laptop. :)


Minielle Labraun said...

Hahaha!!! Totally hadn't a clue!!! I thought lots of other thoughts with his hand 'there.' Be thankful I didn't share!

Hermione said...

Erica - No, I haven't, but I'll look for it on YouTube.

Katie - I think they have thrown them both out of the Macdonald's in Walmart.

A. Lurker - Funny, Ron said the same thing. He likes to go to Walmart to see the sights :) I must admit no one I saw there yesterday was wearing designer clothes. It was casual Friday.

Cat - I've seen a lot of things going on in the parking lot, but the hair dying tops everything.