Saturday, August 30, 2014

You Completed the Caption

This photo proved to be quite an inspiration to many of you:

Six of the best: "This female's bare bottom wets my appetite for giving her a good spanking," said the gentleman with a smile on his face.

Arched one: Such a beautiful spankable bottom. I wonder if she would mind a little spanking.

Leigh: If I take a bite will she think it's a fish or some sea monster?

Ronnie: She said she was spanked but I can't any evidence.

Simon: Later CGI would be used to change Steve the best boy into a ferocious shark in Jaws 6: Bite Me.

Nina: Where did those bubbles come from?!

Jimisim: Just the place to park my nose!

Rollin: duh-dut...Duh-Dut...DUH-DUT!

Sir Wendel: Sally ignored the posted warning signs and went into the Spank Shark invested waters.

(Dramatic Pause)

She got what she deserved.

Belmont Stephen: When her mother sees how scantily she is dressed, she'll use the hairbrush - her bottom cheeks are already bare, and wet, so she'll REALLY feel it. OW! OW! NO PLEASE! OW!

Welcome, Belmont!

Michael: The predator eyes its succulent prey.
He has her scent in his nose.
He lines up for his final charge.
A surprise, but sexy, ass bite is imminent.
As commenter Rollin has already referred to:
Cue the "Jaws" music.

Ricky: Oooh, I think I hurt myself!

Dr. Ken: "When what to my wondering eyes should appear..."

Hermione: Brigid didn't think anyone would know she hadn't waited one hour after eating before going for a swim.  She was wrong, and would suffer the consequences.

For more spanko talk, please join me for brunch, coming up next.

From Hermione's Heart

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