Wednesday, August 27, 2014

More Questions

Meredith over at New Twist After All These Years  came up with a fun list of questions. Not 92, thank goodness! I thought they were pretty interesting so I've posted them below with my answers. Please feel free to use them on your blog, and if you like, answer the last one as a comment here.

Do your eyes light up when he comes to you? Like a deer in the headlights.

What sports do you watch together? None. On Sunday, he watches football upstairs and I watched PVR'd shows downstairs.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is lingerie when it usually ends up on the floor? 3

Do you watch Netflix's House of Cards? We've seen season 1 on DVDs from the library. We have also seen the original version on BBC starring Ian Richardson. This week we are watching seasons 1 and 2 of Enlightened with Laura Dern. It's excellent!

What outdoor activity do you do together? Walking and gardening

What is his dream vacation? Travelling to Prince Edward Island

What is your dream vacation? Visiting Britain

What is your favorite book of all time? I've just finished reading a biography of Alf Wight, the author who wrote under the pen name James Herriot, so I'd have to say that All Creatures Great and Small and subsequent books are high on my list of favourites.

What was your last argument about? I can't remember. We never argue; I just say "Yes, Sir".

Are there any words you use that he does not like? He would not be pleased if I told him to f*** off.

Do you have any restrictions about internet time? Ron gets upset if I'm on too long, so I restrict my time to two hours before breakfast (I'm up early with the dogs) and a quick look after lunch.

Do you have a phobia? Spiders. We have giant garden spiders in the fall that build huge webs all around the house. I have to be careful when I open the door in the morning not to walk into them.

When do you melt into his arms? When he slaps my bottom

Are you watching Outlander? It just started last Sunday and it's programmed into the PVR, but I haven't watched it yet. I didn't care for the book but am anxious to see how they do the spanking scenes.

Does your HoH have a motto? "It's time"

What is your question for me?

From Hermione's Heart


abby said...

Thanks for sharing, love learning more about my blogging friends.
hugs abby

Anonymous said...

Great answers!
I like "It's time"

Terpsichore said...

Loved reading your answers. Thanks for sharing. :-) My daughter is not a fan of spiders either... Hugs

ronnie said...


Fun questions. I enjoyed reading your answers.

I hope one day you get to visit Britain. I'd love to meet.


Minielle Labraun said...

I think this Meme is fun. I enjoyed your answers! Deer in the headlights? Lol.
Both hubby and I are watching Outlander and are enjoying it!

Blondie said...

Love your answers. I love memes, they help to get to know other bloggers

sixofthebest said...

Hermione, since I have enjoyed travelling to 150 countries in my younger years. I sure wish I could have gone to the moon and other planets in our universe. Of course that should be no surprise, because some people, that I know, think I am out of this world anyway!.(Chuckle, Chuckle, Chuckle)

Jon said...

My question is all in one sentence so it counts as just one: Have you ever considered visiting New Mexico and if not, why not?

[No ... I don't live anywhere near there anymore. It is a very special place and quite unlike Arizona, the more frequented southwest state.]

Cat said...

Love your answers fun to learn more about my blog land neighbors.

Actually have two questions for you...
Is there anything he does that you wish he wouldn't?
Is there anything he doesn't do that you wish he would?

Hugs and Blessings...

ricky said...

Luv your down-to-earth optimistic spontaneity!
And thank you for sharing.
Question pour toi:
Don't you ever get, well,

Hermione said...

Abby - I enjoy sharing some of the details.

Meredith - He never gets tired of saying it.

Terps - We're two of a kind.

Ronnie - Who knows - it may happen someday.

Minelle - We still haven't started it but once we finish Enlightened, it's next on the list.

Blondie - I like them too.

Six - You are, indeed, out of this world!

Jon - New Mexico sounds like a fascinating place and I would love to visit. Breaking Bad was filmed there and that's my all-time favourite show.

Cat - I wish he wouldn't lose his temper over little things that don't matter, and I wish he would spank me more often.

Ricky - I think you know the answer to that :-)


Roz said...

Enjoyed reading this Hermoine and loved your answers. " like a deer in the headlights" lol