Saturday, August 16, 2014

You Completed the Caption

These ladies are ready for anything, as your captions prove!

Leigh: How they were going to get out of their present circumstances.

Ronnie: You had him last Saturday so tonight's my turn.

Minelle: 'Okay, see that gorgeous guy over there? I'm going to walk close and create a scene!'

Smuccatelli: He offered me a roll of quarters! Can you imagine!

Michael M: I heard that chap Rupert, you know the one who likes that kinky stuff, left a cigarette burning when Dawn tied him up and she didn't notice. It seems that the fire service got him out but they had a few laughs at his Prince Albert.

Sir Wendel: There is a 3 hour wait for the “Spanked in Diagon Alley” attraction.

Han: Don't look, but that guy behind you? He spanked my ass a week ago until it was the colour of your hair.

Anon: Being spanked for money is better than the obvious ways. Never knew that many men enjoyed it so much. Too bad it takes a couple of days between spankings.

jimisim: Is that your Dad in the white shirt, coming to give you a belting for showing your boobs in that dress?

Jon: Oh, God, my Mom's at the window. She promised me I wouldn't sit down for a week if I came in this late again.

That darn Harry he kept my kickers. When Mom sees that ...

Autumn: Charleen tugged on her ear, a signal to Ellen that a potential mark was in sight. Ellen lit a cigarette in an effort to look more alluring and strutted across the street, her green skirt emphasizing the curve of her bottom... Little did the ladies know, this undercover cop was not a fan of smoking and has his own methods to deal with naughty girls. He could be caught "red handed" any day of the week.

Katie: I know that you don't want to talk to loudly about Roger spanking your bottom last night, but you are going to have to speak up a little. I can't hear you! What in the world did you do???

Vfrat25000: Where the hell are we?
I have no idea!

Katherine…This is NOT Disneyland!

I forgot my handcuffs; we have to go back home!
You can use mine. You volunteered us to be the bait for the “Serial Night Spanker” so you are not going anywhere! Stick that bottom out and start wiggling!

STELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What was that? Are we in a real life episode of “A Streetcar Named Desire?”
No, just my husband, I hid his hemorrhoid cream because he spanked me last night!

I just a saw a rat as big as my poodle!
Forget that! Some guy in a sweaty t-shirt and greasy hair is walking towards us with an evil grin and a big hairbrush in his hand. Kick that rat out of the way and let’s get out of here!

When did they build a huge multi-story New York style back alley in Pigs Knuckle Arkansas?

Dr. Ken: "Chief?.....Come in, Chief?....Dammit, O'Hara, I've lost communication with the surveillance truck! Looks like we're going to have to take down this prostitution ring by ourselves!"

Hermione: Does this skirt make my bum look big?

Now for something completely different, I invite you to join us for brunch, being served shortly.  If you can't make it, then have a great weekend.

From Hermione's Heart

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Kingspan said...

Honey, I think we're on the wrong set. It's Kiss Me Kate where they do the spankings, not West Side Story.