Friday, September 4, 2009

No Strings Attached

Yesterday morning I was listening to a light rock radio station while preparing breakfast, and a line from the song I'm Easy caught my attention:

Take my hands and tie me down,
I won't put up any fight...

That was an invitation for bondage if ever I heard one. I enjoyed hearing the line repeated in the chorus after every verse, and was smiling and imagining all sorts of things by the time it was over.

The next song, Angel of the Morning, was even better:

There'll be no strings to bind your hands...

But I'm sure someone could talk her into it.

Bondage before breakfast - what fun! Even if it was only in my mind.

From Hermione's Heart


Spanky said...

Bondage and spanking references are everywhere if you pay attention. Makes you wonder sometimes if half the population are closet spankos?

Flash Fiction Friday

Sara said...

Or are these examples of 'in the eye of the beholder' or 'in the ear of the listener'? I think we show our kinks by our associations!

Tiggs said...

Bondage before breakfast, eh? He, he, he... nope, doesn't get much better than that! Except for a little light spanking to go with it!

Mina said...

I love it when I come across these sorts of lyrics. Now I'll be on the lookout.

Bondage and Breakfast or B& that gives me an idea.


pammie said...

Oh, yeah, bondage before breakfast. I used to really enjoy the "morning protocol" my former and I had-- sex, spanking, and coffee-- in that order. What fun that was. Dang him.

Love the cat's cradle pic. I did a post earlier this week entitled No Strings Attached.

Daisychain said...

I guess there's something in this separation thing that works then...since I am spanked before breakfast(albeit by remote control!) approx 4 days a week....bondage will have to wait till hes here though...tying myself up might be difficult enough, but getting out of it? I'm sure not bloody Houdini, and imagine trying to explain THAT one.....

Hermione said...

Spanky - I suspect there's a good possibility.

Sara - That's very likely too. Not everyone would interpret these songs that way.

Tiggs - Mmm, that sounds even better than toast with peanut butter and jam.

Mina - Actually, I've heard about one of those. A B&B with, er, other facilities.

Pammie - That's a neat coincidence. I'll drop by and read your version.

Daisy - Don't surgeons have to learn to tie knots with one hand? It might be fun to try.


ronnie said...

Oh yes what fun that would be bondage before breakfast with a little spanking included, what a great way to start the day.

I love "Angel of the Morning" will listen to the words more closely.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.


dwcmike said...

Bondage at times is a lot of fun, no matter who is doing the tieing. before coffee in the morning, now that is CRUEL.