Saturday, September 5, 2009

Two for One Offer

Lately we've been experimenting with two implements during a spanking - one leather and one wood. Or, as I like to say, one soft and one hard, and in that order. The last time we had an OTK session I got out both the red leather slapper and the hairbrush, but for some reason Ron stayed with the slapper. I have to admit he's quite comfortable using it now, and has figured out how to produce less noise and more sting. That was so nice I didn't feel I had any reason to stop him and ask for something else. When we were done, Ron tossed both implements into the drawer of his bedside table, so at present the hairbrush isn't hanging up like it was when I took the above picture. (You'll be pleased to see that I eventually finished my craft project.)

I was still determined to experience the brush, so last week, when I was bent over the bed and Ron got the slapper out of the drawer I asked, "May I have the hairbrush too?"

He didn't say anything, but picked it up and laid it on the bed within easy reach. Then he got down to business with the leather implement. I was soon well reddened and feeling warm and tender back there, and a lengthy pause for some exploring in my private region had me quite aroused.

The exploration stopped and I braced myself for the swats to resume. As soon as I felt the first one I knew it was the hairbrush. Since this was Ron's first time using it, he wasn't being too energetic, but it was the sound that fascinated me. After hearing the loud crack of leather, this was a sort of muffled thud, thud, thud.

Then I heard, not a thud, but a clunk! Ron had aimed a little too high on my bottom and had brought the brush down on an area that wasn't very well-padded. That was the sound of wood on thinly-covered bone. It wasn't painful, but it wasn't pleasant either.

Ron is very attuned to what he is doing so he adjusted his swing, and all subsequent brushstrokes landed nice and low, where the padding is generous and the sting is strong but so erotic. I was both glad and sorry when it was over and we turned our attention to other more intimate matters.

The burn from the brush lasted well over 24 hours, and I smiled frequently as I remembered our "two for the price of one" session.

From Hermione's Heart


Spanky said...

I love the rack with the implements hanging from it! We could never do that though, as too many inquiring minds would see it. But is sure is cute.

Flash Fiction Friday

Bonnie said...

Hi Hermione,

The old two-fer is one of Randy's favorite tricks. He says it hurts two different ways, and he's right. Even if he's done all he can with the leather paddle and I'm blissed out and not feeling it that much, a single crack from the dogleg brush brings my attention right back to the here and now. And he never stops with one...

Have a great weekend!


Sara said...

Wow, you and Ron are just getting wild and crazy...two? (wink) Seriously, wood is just different and yes, leaves a reminder. There are times when that feels just right! Trying new things can be really fun, and I am so glad we are not bored with ourselves!

Lash said...

What a creative idea and picture! Love it. And I love doing two-fers also. Hugs, Lash

pammie said...

I love the "His" rack. I have one of those leather slappers also. What fun it is to switch between that and something more substantional.

Spanking and "exploration" of private parts-- yum.

ronnie said...

Very clever Hermione, did you give it to Ron as a present?

I'd love to be able to hang something like this in our bedroom, what fun.

I love implements that leave a lasting burn but think I much prefer leather to wood.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.


AboutSpankings said...

We love to mix implements together too. Leather and then wood is a good one. Sometimes mix two kinds of leather with two kinds of woods. Throw some hand spanks in there too. Have also done some 'run the bag' spankings... where we spank with everything in the bag. They're fun and playful type spankings that require a good amount of time.

Actually, unless it is a hand spanking only or a discipline spanking... we usually use a couple of implements. Feels a little like cooking... a little of this, a dash of that... and you have a hot plate!

~Todd & Suzy

Hermione said...

Spanky - It's hanging where no casual visitor would see it.

Bonnie - Spanks are like potato chips - you can't stop at just one!

Sara - Wild and crazy, that's us! I love to experiment, and it looks like Ron is starting to think so too.

Lash - Thanks. I thought it was a fun project. And two-fers are my new favourite thing.

Pammie - Wouldn't one implement in each hand be an interesting variation?

Ronnie - I found it in a thrift shop for a couple of dollars, added the leather thong for hanging, and hung it up. I always check the shelves with wooden items. I never know what I might find.

Todd and Suzy - Run the bag would be fun, but we'd need to prepare in advance. Our implements are all over the house.

I like the cooking analogy. Who needs a recipe?


Mrs M said...

Sorry for the late comment, and I shall make this short as everyone else has pretty much said what I was going to say.

However I really do love the use of that sign, I haven't seen one here before but what a wonderful place to keep after all 'his' implements lol.

Mrs M

Hermione said...

Mrs. M - I wonder why I only see "His" in the thrift shops. (I've seen others.) Where is "Hers"?

dwcmike said...

Hermione: leather and wood are like cats and dogs, in being so totally different. Glad to know Ron is now using wood, because you will definitely feel it for a far longer time. Maybe I should send you a bath brush from the body shop for Christmas, but only to be used gently.

Hermione said...

Mike - That's a very kind offer, but we already have quite enough wood in the house!

Mina said...

Sounds like great fun for you both Hermione and I do like the look of the red slapper. Looks like a nice implement to wield.


Hermione said...

Mina - I thought the implement drawer needed a splash of colour.

Anonymous said...

two beats one every time. The difference re-awakens the bottom to new sensations. The burn of wood lasts far longer than leather.