Thursday, September 17, 2009

Beat the Singer

Someone recently told me this interesting bit of trivia. Did you know that the great choirs in England - like King's College Cambridge - have people assigned as beaters?

My imagination got the better of me as I pictured the beaters in action. They would be ever vigilant, always prepared to spank a soprano for singing sharp, or to cane a countertenor for singing flat. They would belt any bass who sang too loud and tawse the tenors who were late with an entry.

No, that isn't what beaters really do. They unobtrusively indicate the beat of the music, so that everyone stays together. As you can see from the photo above, the choir is arranged in rows facing one another, so they look at the beater on the opposite side for signals.

Still, it was an interesting possibility.

From Hermione's Heart


Paul said...

Hermione, you are incorrigibly kinky, but fun! :D
Love and warm hugs,

Widgets said...

Next time Ron sings in the shower off key that is what you should do to him. I do it to aj as I don't like the lyrics or his tone. The loving warmth after has me singing my heart out.


Almost had me running off to join a choir then :)


Measha said...

"Belt any bass" was read: "Belt any ass" when I read the post, had to read again to check it. lol

Throck said...

Does this mean C has to use a metronome when she spanks me? I'm not sure I would sing on key in any case, even though I used to be one of those choir boys.


Adrian Hardhand said...

Hello Ronnie

Beaters? Lovely idea! For my taste not at King's, with its all-male choristers, but rather at a women's college choir.

"Why Mr. Hardhand, I was assured that these knickers were perfectly appropriate. They're not? Oh dear, two dozen with the dragon cane!"

Yrs in pervery, Adrian

Hermione said...

Paul - Why, thank you!

Widgets - I'll have to keep that in mind.

Prefectdt - It's possible you could find a choirmaster who enforces real discipline.

Measha - Your version works for me too, although it isn't alliterative.

Throck - I like the idea of a metronome for a spanking. it would help her keep the tempo up.

Adrian - And what was Mr. Hardhand thinking of? Weren't those knickers covered by a cassock?


Adrian Hardhand said...

Hello Hermione

Covered by a cassock? Weeell Yes, until he carried out his "routine inspection" of attire. As he removed the offending article, he also docked her for Poor Grooming. "A Young Lady should always be freshly shaved," he chided her.

Sorry for confusing yr blog with Ronnie's.

Yrs in pervery, Adrian

Anonymous said...

lol... you so crack me up... I love it. I never know what you're up to. So glad I found your blog.


His Lady

Spanky said...

"Tawse the tenors" was great! You're very funny!

ronnie said...

Yes I actually know about beaters Hermione.

I like how your imagination works :)


Hermione said...

Adrian - And all this time I thought choirmasters only cared about the colour of your shoes and collar.

His Lady - Welcome! I'm glad you dropped in.

Spanky - Thanks. Tenors are incorrigible.

Ronnie - Thank you. Perhaps it's a term that's not commonly used in Canada.

sixofthebest said...

Talking about 'beaters and singers, and stingers. There is a soprano by the name of Renee Fleming, who sings at the Metropolitan Opera House here in New York, who I would love to here in high C's, when in my fantasy world she was given 'six or more of the best strokes of a stinging pliable cane on her bare bottom.