Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Second Thoughts about the Hairbrush

You may recall from a previous post I have had my doubts about the hairbrush and its inability to make much of an impression on my bottom. So we tried the the backward approach, and here's what happened.

I was in position along the length of the bed, a single pillow tucked under my tummy. Ron slid open the drawer and shuffled the implements. He picked up the dogleg brush and I moaned involuntarily. He put it down, groped a bit more, then retrieved his current favourites: the red slapper and the hairbrush.

"Perfect," I said. This would be my chance to test my theory. "Wood first."

Ron didn't waste any time. He reached for the brush and knelt beside me. I held my breath and braced myself for the impact.

Smack! It was hard, loud and right on target. And so were the dozen or so swats that followed. Why had I doubted that the hairbrush could do the job? Ow! Why had I encouraged Ron not to hold back? Ow! Each stroke produced some sort of verbal protest from me, and I couldn't keep still.

I told myself that this was exactly what I had wanted while I kicked and squirmed after each hard whack. After a little break for some very nice stroking, I jumped and groaned at the resumption of swats. The brush was still doing a fine job, although it didn't hurt quite as much.

Ron put the brush down and I felt the bed move as he shifted his position. What was he doing? He shoved my legs apart and knelt between them. I didn't like to think what sort of view I was presenting back there. Luckily I didn't have long to worry about it because the slapper hit my bottom with a loud crack.

My little red friend sounded louder than ever, and I can't say I felt much. After the bite of the brush, its tiny sting was barely noticeable. No matter. The loud slapping was hypnotic and I rolled my hips to meet each stroke.

Ron set the slapper down and explored the area between my legs. He could tell I had enjoyed the spanking so far. He continued his caresses and I relaxed, then suddenly stiffened as I heard - and felt - another pair of swats on my backside. Ron was wielding the slapper with his left hand while pleasuring me with his right. This was a rare treat and I gave myself fully to the sensations...

So I now have new respect for the wooden hairbrush. It's great as long as we skip the warmup.

From Hermione's Heart


Throck said...

Hi Hermione,
Sounds like a wonderful spanking and a great experiment. I have a very nice broad heavy wooden hairbrush that I bought years ago in hopes that C would use it on me, but she only used it once in one of my first spankings when she was a much more tentative spanker. She now prefers the Vermont Country Store bath brush and that is a very wicked instrument. I can't keep still when she uses it on me, and cry out almost immediately. In fact I got spanked with it this past Sunday. I will have to try to get her to use the hairbrush next time, and compare (I guess that's not topping from the bottom). I'll let you know.

Great spanking tale.


Measha said...

Sounds like a lovely spanking experience! Hope you have many more very soon.


Hermione said...

Throck - I'd be interested in hearing the results of your experiment. No, it's not TFTB.

Measha - I hope so too!


Fabsterrant said...

Gosh that was a hot post, feeling a little light headed for some reason. Have to squint to read more all the time.

Hugs, fab

ronnie said...

You certainly sound like you had a good spanking Hermione. I'm afraid the hairbrush not for me :)


Hermione said...

Fab - Take deeeeep breaths.

Ronnie - It isn't my favourite, but I could learn to love it if things continue to go well.