Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Spanking Blog Featured on Afternoon Radio

Yesterday I was in the car, listening to a program on CBC Radio One while running an errand at lunchtime. The host, Shelagh Rogers, was speaking with Hal Niedzviecki, author of The Peep Diaries:How We're Learning to Love Watching Ourselves and Our Neighbours. I thought the interview would be about Twitter, but imagine my surprise when Hal mentioned one of our blogging friends, padme of Journey to the Darkside.

He described her blog and how it combines details of ordinary daily life with descriptions of oral sex, spankings, and life as a slave. Hal expressed concern that she was providing a lot of personal details that might possibly reveal her identity, but said padme's argument was that anyone who visited her blog would also be implicated by their interest in spanking and so forth, and that was her protection. He also noted that in her case, since she lived in the suburbs, didn't drive or have many friends, and her husband had a full-time job, her blogging life, and the friends who visited daily to watch the videos of her spankings, were her main focus and her reality. (I suppose many of us feel that way to a greater or lesser extent.)

I realized that most of the information was somewhat familiar, and sure enough, this was the same author who had written about padme in an article for the Canadian magazine, The Walrus. Here's the article; scroll down to find padme's portion.

Congratulations, padme. You're famous!

From Hermione's Heart


Throck said...

Hi Hermione,
The article in the Walrus was very interesting. However, some of the terms like disinhibition and parasocial I found a little disturbing, especially as one who has only recently started to blog. The article left me feeling a bit on the fringe, just when I was starting to feel much better about my kink, and obtain some acceptance from C. This definitely not an article that I would want C.

On the other hand I have always wondered what it would be like to go into work and sit around at coffee break and say, "Well, C put me in punishment panties last night and then spanked me over her knee with the hairbrush. I got a tremendous bonding rush from that spanking. Lisa do you, or you, Jill, ever spank your husband?" If we could just be more open about our sex lives and relationships without being judged, I think it would be tremendously helpful to relationships in general.

Thanks for sharing the article.


Throck said...

Sorry for the typos. The last sentence of the first paragraph should read: This is definitely not an article I would want C to read. (I hate typos)

x said...

Hi Hermoine,
Thank you for letting me know about Hal's interview. It's been pretty cool to be a part of his book. I had no idea that agreeing to do an interview for his blog would land me into the Peep Diaries book and then onto the Walrus and also Globe and Mail and other articles. It's kind of cool to be known mainstream.

It was a very surreal feeling to go into the Chapters and find the book and be reading it and see my name in it. I think the hardest part is that I couldn't share that success with any family members or my vanilla friends though. I wish sometimes that I wouldn't have to keep all the spanking stuff so secret. :)

Thank you for your post on it!

Hermione said...

Throck - I understand your concern about the article. of course, it was written by a broad-minded but basically vanilla man. I didn't get the impression that he really understood the importance of blogging, or the whole spanking, D/S, TPE range of lifestyles.

And I hate typos too, but they happen to everyone. I knew what you meant.

padme - I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time. I have to admit it all felt very surreal to me! It must be so strange to see yourself featured like that, but not able to tell the vanillas in your life about it. There's that double-life stuff again. But good for you for sharing your blogging life. It may bring some people a step closer to understanding us.


Bonnie said...


You Canadians have all the fun, don't you? :) Seriously, I can't imagine hearing that conversation on any commercial US radio station I know. They are all programmed to the point of pointlessness.

Leave it to our favorite neighbors to teach us about free speech!

Thanks for sharing that tidbit.


Hermione said...

Bonnie - There's something to be said for national radio, but it is rarely that exciting.