Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Start as you mean to go on

These elegant wedding cake toppers will show your friends and family exactly how you plan to spend your honeymoon, and hopefully the rest of your life. A fun and easy way to come out to the vanillas in your life, the toppers can also be used for shower, birthday or anniversary cakes.

To order your own, click here.

Thank you Lizzy, for sending me the link to these great pictures.

From Hermione's Heart


ronnie said...

What fun. Thanks for sharing these and for the link Hermione.

I'll just have to order some.


Cookie Crawford said...

Wish I knew about these in March. LOL I guess having our ceremony at a spanking party was good enough as everyone knew the outcome and we actually got to spank the bride after the kiss the bride part. They are cute though thanks for sharing.

Sara said...

For the first wedding, I took "obey" out of our vows. Hmmm, maybe I'll need to order a 25th wedding anniversary cake this year to set things right!

Fabsterrant said...

Geez could work for Birthday cakes too.

Be well, fab

Anonymous said...

I love these!

I can think of a birthday cake that would be brightened up by one of them.


Nice to see that they cater for F/m couples as well. Nice find.


Penfold said...

mmmm, I think Bear and I could use this one day lol

there pritty good. thatks for shearing Hermione.

Hugs Bear and Pen xx

Katia said...

Something fun to add to our next anniversary cake. Thanks for the cute idea.

Hermione said...

Ronnie - I would love to know how many orders they get for these in a month.

Cookie - Maybe you can order one for your first anniversary.

Sara - I think I did that too. And an anniversary cake would certainly make up for it, as long as the kids weren't around while you were cutting it.

Fab - Yes, that would be a wonderful change from boring candles.

Poppy - You'd better hurry and order one before they're all sold out.

Prefectdt - I thought that was nice too.

Penfold - That's good news. I hope it's soon.

Katia - I'm sure you'll have fun with it.


Mina said...

These are wonderful toppers Hermione. It would keep the guests wondering if they didn't know the truth. Wonder how many would pass it off as a joke.



Michael said...

Priceless! Absolutely priceless, Hermione. Makes me almost want to get married again just so I can use the cake topper on the left...ALMOST.

Hermione said...

Mina - I think the feminists at the wedding would love one and hate the other. But probably most people would laugh it off (uncomfortably).

Michael - Yeah, that would be great, but perhaps there's more to marriage than the perfect wedding cake.


dwcmike said...

Wonderful idea! Doubt if many of us would have the nerve to display them even in the home. I will re-post to my blog...