Monday, September 28, 2009

Guess the Implement - the Reveal

You guys were too clever for me! I thought this would fool everyone, but many of you guessed that it's a wine bottle holder. This one happens to be from Australia, but it seems they are common everywhere.

Thanks for playing the guessing game.

From Hermione's Heart


Fabsterrant said...

Always fun to let the immagination roam.
Hugs, fab

Indy said...

Why would one need a holder for a single bottle of wine? I think your use is better, and I don't even like wood much!

ronnie said...

Thanks for letting us know but I agree with Indy, why a holder for one bottle?

Thanks Hermione.

Penfold said...

cool. there daft things lol

Bear and pen xx

dwcmike said...

I have one of these, and still didn't guess it. Must have been drinking too

Hermione said...

I'm not sure I'll ever use this for its vanilla purpose. It would take up a lot of room for just one bottle. Maybe it's only meant to be a clever conversation piece.