Monday, September 7, 2009

Try a Dogging Bat

What is a dogging bat used for? It gets its name from a Western rodeo event involving horses and steers and lots of dust, and I suppose it's used to urge the horse to gallop faster, or maybe for whacking the steer. It's great for spanking, or course. But it has other uses too.

The other day I came home from work and went up to our bedroom to change out of my office clothes into something more comfortable. Fluffy and Fang came in to watch. While Fluffy checked my pockets for the possibility of a forgotten treat, Fang examined the selection of toys on the floor. (No, not spanking toys. Dog toys.) Dissatisfied with the choices, he started trying to fish one out from under the bed. He lay flat on his tummy and wiggled under as far as he could, but couldn't reach it. He got up, sat down, and looked pleadingly at me.

"Can't you play with Teddy? Here," and I tossed a sheepskin bear at him. Fang ignored it and started to dig at the carpet.

I was halfway through my clothing change and was wearing only a bra and panties, but I'm a well-trained doggy servant. I knelt down and peered under the bed. There was only one toy, and it was exactly under the centre of our king-size bed. There was no way I could reach it.

I stood up and looked around for something to use to pull the toy out. My lack of clothing ruled out going downstairs in search of a broom. As I scanned the room, the implements hanging on the bedpost caught my attention. The black leather strap was too floppy, the red leather slapper was too short, but the dogging bat was just right!

I separated it from its companions, knelt beside the bed again, and easily pushed the toy toward Fang, who snatched it up and began chewing contentedly on it.

After blowing the dust bunnies off the bat I returned it to its home and thought what a versatile implement it was. No wonder it's our favourite.

From Hermione's Heart


Meow said...

So if using everyday things for spanking makes them pervertibles, what do you call it when you use a pervertible for everyday use?? Versatibles? There should be a name! Meow

Indy said...

I took you up on your advice to procure a dogging bat a few months ago. Thanks!

Fabsterrant said...

Dang the visual has my attention again. Why am I struggling with the color spectrum to think of versatible pervertible? Satpervable could have pushed the toy out of the way too! Ahem, nevermind. Its great to be among friends,lol.

Hugs ya,fab

Anonymous said...

You are SO not a cowgirl! No, a dogging bat is NOT used to "whack the steer"! However to whack the girl, or apparently to retrieve the toy, it works perfectly! Sara

dwcmike said...

Hermione: Guess I missed where to buy a dogging bat! Suggestions would be appreciated. Now, a bra and panties is just like a bikini on the beach, so what was the problem of going downstairs for a broom. Humour (Canadian style).. you could have flown it back upstairs in a jiffy :-)


I think I had the wrong idea about what a dogging bat is. I thought that it was like a riding crop but with a larger softer tip on the end. Thanks for showing what a dogging bat is.


Anonymous said...


You were ingenious! Great post. :-)

Daisychain said...

Over here in the UK, dogging is the expression for a very dangerous practise of meeting total strangers in a secluded car park for sex.... usually unprotected...
Ewwwwwwwwww! Some people ARE weird! I wonder how they would feel if the police turned up and spanked their asses with a dogging bat....LOL
Love n hugs, Daisy xxxxxxxxx

PK said...

It looks like a loveable, useful toy. I need to look into getting one of those, for various reasons!!


ronnie said...

Yes I think I would like to try a dogging bat, wonder if Cane-Iac sell them?

I read Daisy comment, she right.

Have copied a small article for you

"Dogging is a predominantly British activity that involves outdoor exhibitionism in car-parks, wooded areas and the like.
The term dogging apparently originated in the early Seventies to describe men who spied on couples having sex outdoors. These men would 'dog' the couples' every move in an effort to watch them. When the swinging scene discovered that open-air sex has its own special thrill they began meeting in car-parks, and the doggers found a new and rich supply of voyeuristic fun.
Moreover, the doggers soon realised that these couples were actively encouraging them to watch, even performing for them, and sometimes allowing them to join in".

Take's all sorts.


Hermione said...

Meow - I like versatibles.

Indy - You're welcome. I assume you like it as much as I do.

Fab - I agree - it's great to be among friends.

Sara - Thank you. I stand corrected!

Mike - Flown upstairs? You do know I'm not the real Hermione, right? LOL

I ordered the dogging bat from

Prefectdt - I hope you have the opportunity to try one someday.

G - Thank you!

Daisy - I never knew it had that meaning until I Googled it. I wanted to include a link that would explain what dogging was but couldn't find the kind of dogging the bat is associated with.

PK - You won't be disappointed. And they aren't expensive.

Ronnie - Thanks for the article. Who knew?
I can't say whether Cane-iac sells them. The link to my source is above, and I know they ship outside the US.



Looked it up. What I thought was a dogging bat is called a riding bat.


Hermione said...

Prefectdt - I know exactly what you mean. This is wider and louder.

Mina said...

It's amazing the uses you can find for these things.

It looks like it would pack a wallop.


Radha said...

We have one of those! Picked it up at the local farm store in the horse section. Do you like it? I find it leaves funny little, but wide lumps on my bottom. Krishna likes the feel of it in his hand.
Have a great weekend!

Hermione said...

Mina - Yes, it's very handy. It's very loud, but because it's wide it isn't as evil as something narrower would be.

Radha - It doesn't leave lumps or any kind of mark on me. I think Ron likes the feel of it too; it's so stiff and sturdy. We both enjoy it.