Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Job Opportunities with S&M

Among the spam in my email inbox was an invitation to visit a website for information on job opportunities. it wasn't the usual nonsense; the email came from a reputable source, and the link was to a Canadian company offering flexible hours working with well-known brands of products.

Curiosity got the better of me so I clicked. And ended up on an SM site!

No, not an S&M* site as we know it, but I thought for a moment it might have been. The home page extended an invitation to join the SM team and enjoy my day. Among the temptations were a perfect job that fits my schedule, an ideal life/work balance, a chance to build new relationships, and positions to suit everyone. There was a page called the SM community, that had a picture of the SM fan of the month, a calendar of events, a collage of happy smiling faces, and a community blog.

What am I waiting for?

* SM stands for Sales & Merchandising, but they omitted the & for obvious reasons.

From Hermione's Heart


Spanky said...

Sounds like a great opportunity to me. I particularly the "positions to suit everyone." I think I need to check my spam more carefully!

Heartzlady said...

Definately sounds like something that would have caught my attention LOL!

Tiggs said...

Yup, that would have caught my eye, too! But sales and marketing? Not even in the same ballpark! No way, no how! Yuck!!!

Fabsterrant said...

No doubt gotta stress the bottom line with a closure rap.

All the best, fab

ronnie said...

Sorry bitlate stopping by.

Don'g get anything so interesting in my spam mail.

Positions to suit everybody I like.

Thanks Hermione.


Mina said...

I can imagine you perked up when you saw that job opportunity.


Julie said...

Very nice. Almost as good as my living at a rather kinky address once I moved to study.. though I won't tell out of obvious reasons. :P