Thursday, September 24, 2009

First Prize from Recidavist

Before he took a summer break from blogging, Recidavist sponsored a quiz. He invited his readers to vote on who they thought deserved a good spanking. I entered the contest and jokingly nominated my alter ego, Hermione Granger.

Now Recidavist has resumed blogging, and announced that I was the lucky (or unlucky) winner of the contest. This is what I won:

Ron didn't wait till bedtime to deal with me. This letter arrived on Sunday, so he took advantage of our regular spanking date.

He was kind enough to ask me what implement I wanted. From my position at the foot of the bed, I looked up and saw my friend the dogging bat hanging from the bedpost, so I said, "The one on top." Ron walked to the head of the bed and returned carrying not the dogging bat but Black Beauty, the black leather strap. Oops. I hadn't seen it hiding behind the bedpost.

It was too late to protest. The strap connected solidly with my cheeks in rapid succession. Ow! This was no fun; it hurt! I seriously considered asking Ron to stop, or maybe squirming out of position, but told myself firmly that I would start to enjoy it any minute now.

After a sound paddling and some very nice stroking, Ron decided to take advantage of my position in another way. But it seemed that my body wasn't ready yet, and he was having difficulty.

"You need some lube," I suggested.

"Right." But instead of going to the drawer for a tube of lubricating gel, he resumed his swats to my posterior.

"Ow! That's not what I meant!" I buried my face in the blankets as he did his best to get my body into a more
cooperative state. That's when I got the giggles. The whole situation struck me as being a funny misunderstanding and I laughed and squeaked as the leather strap continued to do its work.

When Ron finally stopped, my bottom was hot and tingling, and other areas were also more than ready for his renewed attempt. By the end of the afternoon, we both felt that we had won first prize.

From Hermione's Heart


Impish1 said...

"You need lube - right" - more spanking. Too funny! And it worked - even better. Sounds like a wonderful time.

Meow said...

Congrats on winning the contest and getting your 1st "prize". Funny how those misunderstandings lead to more spanking! Meow

Fabsterrant said...

My goodness you two are into the advanced methods. The discription does leave me sucking air through my teeth.
Hugs, fab

Hermione said...

Impish - Yeah, I thought it was funny too. I don't usually laugh during spankings.

Meow - Thanks. I enjoyed my prize - eventually!

Fab - Advanced? We study hard, alright.


ronnie said...

Congratulations on the win Hermione and well done to Ron.

That was a funny misunderstanding.


PS - When I first looked, I thought the word verification said bumwit but no it was bumiwt

dwcmike said...

Hermione: Maybe a visit to the Beaver Lick Trading Post will give you a lifetime supply of lubricant, and a few more spanking implements to help light the fire. (Was that you in the photo Miss Granger!!!)

Hermione said...

Ronnie - Ron certainly keeps me on my toes!

Mike - Beaver Lick Trading Post? Is that on the Caribou Causeway, near Moose Factory?

dwcmike said...

Hermione: no, it exists in Kentucky, right near Big Bone Lick State Park. Do have fun when you travel.

Anonymous said...

Delighted to have helped with this little owe me one!!

And well done for keeping to the terms of your prize...that you told everyone, thanks for sharing

"I think you need some lube" have a paddle called lube?


Hermione said...

Mike - I hadn't seen the picture on your blog when I replied. Now I understand.

R - That was fun! Yes, I did owe you one, didn't I?

The paddle called "lube" - that reminds me of a Canadian comedian called Luba Goy. She is often mistakenly called Lou Bagoy. Now there's a third possibility - Lube Agoy.